WoT ST: Ho-Ri 2 Detailed Stats

Ho-Ri 2 (Japanese, Tier VIII, TD, techtree)

The tank has 2 guns to choose from: 105mm and 120mm.

Stats of the 105mm:
Average damage: 320 (dmg)
Average armor penetration: 200/244/60 (mm) AP/AP/HE
The rate of fire of the gun: 7,03 (rounds/min)
Reload time: 8,53 (sec)
Gun traverse speed: 29,2 (deg/s)
Vertical aiming angles: -8/15 (deg)
Horizontal aiming angles: 11/11 (deg)
Information time: 2,3 (sec)
Accuracy at 100 m: 0.35
Average damage per minute: 2250

Stats of the 120mm:
Average damage: 400 (dmg)
Average armor penetration: 250/285/80 (mm) AP/AP/HE
The rate of fire of the gun: 5,69 (rounds/min)
Reload time: 10,55 (sec)
Gun traverse speed: 29,2 (deg/s)
Vertical aiming angles: -8/15 (deg)
Horizontal aiming angles: 11/11 (deg)
Aiming time: 2,21 (sec)
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,34
Average damage per minute: 2276

Strength: 1400 (HP)
Armor: 220/50/50 (mm)
Suspension repair time: 12,03 (s)
MASS / maximum weight of the machine: 39,55 / 42,5 (t)
Engine power: 550 (h.p.)
Specific power: 13,91 (h.p./t)
Max. speed/reverse: 30/15 (km/h)
Hull traverse speed: 31,29 (deg/s)

View range: 380 (m)

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Crew of 6 people: Commander; Gunner; Driver; Radio operator; Loader; Loader.
Role in battle: Versatile Tank destroyer.
Special category Equipment: Firepower.

7 thoughts on “WoT ST: Ho-Ri 2 Detailed Stats

      1. And Chi-Ri looks bae.

        Kinda stumped why they’d use that engine… don’t think it was licensed to Japan nor used by anything made in Japan.
        As for the gun, its the 12cm/45 10th Year Type dual-purpose anti-aircraft gun.

        1. the Ho-Ri 3 has the 1000 h.p Kawasaki Type 97, I will take a guess and say that is a Kawasaki Ha40 which started production in 1937 (thus why Type 97)
          the Ho-Ri 2 has the “900” h.p DB601, engine which was used as the basis for the Kawasaki Ha40 – and something else by Atsuta – with 1000 h.p
          the logic is broken because the 1200 h.p MB507 was developed from the DB603 which itself had been developed from the DB601, those meager 550 h.p are less than half of the real thing but WG probably wanted to keep the “German connection” with the design series as a what-if scenario
          «what-if besides the DB601 the Japanese also copied engine A or engine B»

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