WoT: Battle Pass Season X – Featured Tier X Tanks Speculation

In the 1.20 Common Test, 3 new 3D Styles were found, 1 for each vehicle mentioned under.
Note that these aren’t progressive 3D Styles yet and it isn’t confirmed either, but it’s almost 99% safe to say that the core vehicles for the Season X Battle Pass are going to be the:


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  • Hopefully this means a buff for Rinoceronte will happen soon, otherwise there's little incentive to play it.

    • It is one of the tanks that was hinted at to get an upgrade in the WG "coming soon" video in the rebalancing section along with the 121, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, Type 5 Heavy, E 50 M, WZ-132-1

      ( from the Armored Patrol article from 24 December 2022 )

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