WoT CT 1.20: MBT-B Buffs

MBT-B (USA, Tier-10, HT, promotional/reward)

• Movement dispersion (max): from 0.14 (5.60) to 0.13 (5.85)
• Dispersion from chassis rotation (max.): 0.14 (5.55) to 0.13 (6.10)
• Gun loading: 10.07 to 8.63 sec
• Aiming time: 2.21 to 1.92 sec
• Gun rate of fire: 5.96 to 6.95

• Average damage per minute 1 (AP) projectile: 2503 to 2920
• Average damage per minute 2 (HEAT) projectile: from 2,503 to 2,920
• Average damage per minute of 3 (HE) projectile: from 3,069 to 3,581
• Armor penetration of 3 (HE) shells: from 90 to 125 mm
• Muzzle velocity of 3 (HE) rounds: 900 to 1,000 m/s

• Engine power: 1,000 to 1,100 h.p.
• Specific power: 16.67 to 18.33 h.p./t
• Hull traverse speed: 39.63 to 46.93
• Max. forward speed: from 40 to 45 km/h
• Tank health repair cost: from 19,800 to 28,600 credits
• Cost of 1 (AP) projectile: from 1,030 to 1,115 credits

24 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20: MBT-B Buffs

    1. according to the current DM available on tanks. gg this thing has many and obvious major weakspots
      if you know about the Concept 1B engine deck weakspot you will be pleased to know the ones from the MBT-B are much more obvious

  1. This is feeling like the next “ranked” (or whatever the replacement is) reward tank; just what the game needs.

    1. No. Good clans pick new members on the basis of their stats and what tanks they have in their collection, and whether they seem like they’ll fit in with minimum drama. If someone is asking for gold to join their clan don’t bother.

  2. Fuck thosr retarded at WG, this goes in the game like this and nobody will ever want to pick a tier 10 tank again.
    The fcking Chieftain is more than enough already.
    I thought they couldn’t make those flat plates 350mm raw thickness, but oh boy how silly I was.
    Even the Chieftain’s getting powercreeped.
    If they put this thing in the game like this, I’ll quit.

    1. powercreep ??? this shitty tank can’t even side scraping on the top of that CT1.20 present the stats pre-nerf stage what are u even crying about ?

      1. Oh you think Chieftain can sidescrape? Only against noobs =))))
        Chieftain’s hull is a T95 medium tank’s hull and it’s well exposed when sidescraping. Anyone with HEAT and a decent aim will pen it easily.
        This thing even though it has big weak shoulders, which means it can’t sidescrape against anything, it just has so many better things. Way better gun, MT mobility, way more flexible ammunitions. On flat grounds, it doesn’t even has a visible weakspot on its turret like the Chieftain.
        What am I crying about? Are you from Wargaming?
        Powercreeping gives them easier time selling their premium shits, but it will kill the game sooner or later.

        1. Do you even read ? i said they ain’t even update the current post nerf stats while putting it into the CT 1.20 (which clearly has the pre-nerf stats of the tank) and i judge stuffs base on what it is current : similar gun soft stats to chief but less DPM, less moblity, cannot play sidescraping, and you still can exploit the shoulder weakspot if it overpeek cuz its flat as hell. On the top of that you are literally telling me the most versatile heavy tank in the game cannot play side scraping is BIG CAP ngl

          1. Are you stupid? Those stats are from the fcking COMMON TEST server, which means this thing will very likely be added into the game like this. Forget about the bloody Supertest that nobody cares.
            Pre-nerf my ass.
            Oh hell yes, you can take your Chieftain, go to the Random queue and farm plebs. That’s where you can sidescrape.
            I will take the freaking AMX M4 54 which can’t sidescrape into Rank or whatever and get every possible rewards while competing with experienced players.
            Sidescrape, who cares btw? =))))

            1. Back again with your moronic claims. Always crying every tank is OP.
              Why do you even bother playing game. Always crying players like you are a waste of oxygen 🖕🏼

              1. Who the fck are you? A random 45% or 46% noob or what?
                This creature clearly never read any of my comments here and he knows absolutely nothing about the game.

            2. Farm plebs ? i barely even play chief in pubs but i do play chief in competitive mode such as advance and campaign ( around 2500 games since 2019 ) in Top Asia clan so i’m pretty sure about that chieftain CAN side scraping pretty gud actually compare to you ( the one that is not even owned one ). Trying to insult others and using straw man arguments ain’t make your statement sound more legitimate tbh AND until the tanks reach live server built its gonna be the final result of the balancing.

              1. Asian babez is some tranny cúnt from Singapore who pretends to be a wot expert. When is probably more a sexpert pedo

            3. and againe i’m not saying you are a bad player, you just not play chief enough to understand how versatile it can be compare the 99% of the tier X lineup

              1. Yes I don’t have Chieftain in my main account because when there’s a campaign, I don’t play my main account, if you know what I’m talking about.
                So, what made you think I haven’t played the Chieftain enough to understand what is it capable of or should I say how toxic it is? I know the armor profile of every single tier 10 HT better than you can sidescrape against plebs in random games mate.
                And yes, as you wished, I’m really insulting braindeads for fun here =)))))

      2. this shitty tank can’t even sidescrape

        Sounds like you’re all too eager to get this thing and are trying to downplay its OPness with silly excuses.

        So what if it can’t sidescrape? Just go to a place where you can be hulldown, that’s the whole point of these tanks. If you want a sidescraper play Object 705A.

        1. Downplaying its OPness ? i never said it ain’t toxic ? i said its shitty compare to chief if you ever owned one while the other dude said this MBT-B will powercreeped chief

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