WoT ST: MBT-B Changes

MBT-B (USA, Tier-10, HT, promotional/reward)
• Added tank tag: “Gun Rammer (Class 1)”
• Dispersion from movement (max.): from 0.13 (5.85) to 0.13 (5.20) 
• Gun Loading: 8.63 to 10.07 sec
• Gun fire rate: from 6.95 to 5.96 
• Average damage per minute of 1 (AP) projectile: from 2920 to 2503

• Average damage per minute of 2 (HEAT) projectile: 2920 to 2503
• Average damage per minute of 3 (HE) projectile: 3581 to 3069
• Engine power: 1100 to 1000 h.p.
• Specific power: from 18.33 to 16.67 h.p./t
• Max. forward speed: from 45 to 40 km/h

13 thoughts on “WoT ST: MBT-B Changes

  1. It still has 420m view range, S Conq gun handling, 46 deg/s tank traverse, and (possibly) Chieftain-like armor. This tank is still pretty busted after these nerfs lol

    1. The hulldown by its look is already way worse than T95’s hull of the Chieftain.
      The turret’s flat part on the left side is very likely a weakspot. There’s no way that flat surface has 350mm raw thickness.
      The tank is also way taller than the Chieftain, so it’s very unlikely this MBT-B will get the same armor layout as the Chieftain.

  2. It’s tempting to just go AFK when these pos show up on the enemy team. It’s a disservice to your teammates but really, why suffer the AIDS plague just to give some free farming to sweaty fat tryhards.

    1. well you are still giving them free dmg better drown or something or just stopping playing as players can give WG a good warning maybe !!

      1. I’m an idiot, I forgot drowning is a thing. Of course, it depends on when and how, done too early it’s just bad.

    2. I just drown or drive off a cliff.
      As soon as the battle loads you can tell if it’s a 2 min loss or 5 min loss.
      I’m not wasting premium time and boosters on another lost battle.
      I don’t have hours and hours to not enjoy either

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