WoT: AMD Judgment Day Giveaway

Claim + activate your code before the 14th

AMD will provide you with a special code. Redeem it in World of Tanks to receive:

  • 14-day rent of the M54 Renegade, a Premium American heavy tank with fierce firepower and thick armor
  • 5 battle missions for the M54 Renegade that’ll give you a x5 boost to earned Experience
  • 5 boosts (each lasting 1 hour) that will earn you 200% more Free Experience and Crew Experience in each battle
  • 300,000 Credits to spend on modules, ammo, and consumables

25 thoughts on “WoT: AMD Judgment Day Giveaway

  1. While code maybe used on the same account multiple times, you can get banned for abusing as it breaks the rules.

    1. Like somebody would actualy give a fuck about their rules
      I would gladly join riggers after ban to make a dollar using hiding my ip

      1. then they should do a better job at it so those things do not happen again
        BANing people is and will never be a solution to anything because people will retaliate
        ask Hitler

      2. It is true, some years ago an giveaway was hold up and alot of wargaming bonus codes got leaked online and people used them multiple times till it didințt work
        i know people who used those codes for 20k + gold on their accounts and nerver recived any bans or lock or cleanse of the account
        They did not ban anybody but they learned from their mistake to not leak again
        problem is with them not with the ussers who found out a whole in their sistem
        is like in a country , u know u have problem with your health sistem, u just do not fire all your medics and staff because of that sistem problem that u have, u instead improve so it will not happen again
        if u start to ban people for this u fucktup with, nobody will use or enjoy your platform, because after all this , people play for fun

      1. Because you have to create 5accounts on amdrewards to get 5 unique codes, and then you place those 5 DIFFERENT codes in your “activativate bonus code” box. When you place 6th unique code in the box it wont work as it appears to be the limit by wg.

              1. Do not do it, It breaks WOT Terms and service you will get ban later for a long time. They are not going take away just redeem it once as they said.

                1. I pray TO GOD EVERY DAY so they can ban them because if they do i will start to RIG THIS GAME FOR MONEY CASH DOLLAR DOOLLAR

                  1. I’ve used illegal cheat software before and I’m not banned. Even if they detect it is only 3 day ban 🤷🏼‍♂️

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