WoT: SU-130PM – Get a Firecracker With a 25% In-Game Gold Discount

Available from December 30 at 06:00 CET through January 2 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)




Ready for NY: SU-130PM

  • VIIISU-130PM
  • ×13D Style: “Altai Fox” for the SU-130PM
  • ×1Garage slot
  • 100%trained crew with enough Crew XP for two skills or perks
  • ×25×5 XP for a victory in the SU-130PM (only after a daily first victory multiplier has been used)
18,635 gold

(25% off)


10,100 gold

Altai Fox 3D Style

  • ×13D Style: “Altai Fox” for the SU-130PM
3,500 gold

The new year is generally celebrated with fireworks and explosions. And what better way to continue this tradition than by blowing up enemy vehicles with the VIIISU-130PM in its Altai Fox 3D style?

Expand your collection with in-game bundles for gold and save up to 25% by purchasing the Ready for NY bundle.

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SU-130PM In-Game Offers

The VIIISU-130PM is a powerful Soviet tank destroyer sporting an accurate 130 mm cannon that deals 520 HP of damage per shot and 243 mm of penetration. Traverse between the best sniping positions at a top speed of 65 km/h, and surprise unsuspecting enemies with precise shots from a distance.

This stealthy hunter can be dressed in the exclusive Altai Fox 3D style for an extra concealment bonus, also available as a stand-alone package if you already own the vehicle.

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  1. There is no actual discount when making a bundle with some crap, assigning some imaginative value to said crap and calling it a discount when including it for “free”.

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