17 thoughts on “WoT – The Future of World of Tanks

    1. @AmphetamineLogic – let me rephrase that – “You play like shit”.

      Stick to the forums and giving n00bs your equally shitty game advice .!.

  1. They really got me with dynamic objects(level of destruction).
    Even if this will be hardcoded(like i.e. blimp crash on Himmelsdorf will occur after 5 minutes of the battle), it’ll still be pretty cool thing.
    I really hope that debris after such events will be permanent(not just some effect that will disappear) and that it will be possible to get your tank destroyed (if you get into the center of the event).

    Definitely worth waiting.

    And to all of you(above) who say that game is shittier – it was shitty before(take it from someone who plays from 2010), when KV-1 was playing with tier 8 tanks.. And it was way better than it is now(I remember the 500k online when I played on ru). My point in saying this is: either play this game, or don’t – your call. But saying out loud that the game becomes worse, when half of the development teams are busting their arses off just to get it work(and believe me – I know this not by hearing this somewhere..) and make our holidays better – is just wrong..

    Yes WG was and always will be thinking about money first, and about players at the end, but the fact is – even in their mercantile nature they still continue working on a game product that lasts for 12 years now.. I am pretty sure that only Blizzard(WoW) can say that they do better job than WG, but it’s a topic for another time 🙂

  2. Prestige is pay to win crews.
    With the crew 2.5 will make even more turbo games with the skill buffs.
    No map size increase and new equipment you can spot the enemy from your spawn

    1. Prestige is not for crew, it’s for the vehicle itself, it gives you stuff like a level badge and free camos when you hit certain prestige levels. If you would read/watch the thing instead of seeing something that looks like crew 2.0 and instantly going “Reeeeee pay to win garbage reeeeeeee” you would know that.

        1. So the original poster states A. Then oomfie comes and counterargue the A statment proving op being just a crybaby. Then you come and…wait for it..state irrelevant C to the topic. Dead braincells some of the discuters.

  3. I think it is all positive, actually, although the majority of players hate crew 2.0, it does bring some much-needed changes, 1 crew for 3 vehicles and addressing the crew team mismatch problem should be implemented asap.

    1. Doing war crimes in the corner?

      At least you know your place weebo.

      IJA is a joke to you, it’s serious shit to a lot of other ppl.

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