WoT – Arnold and Milla Join World of Tanks for Holiday Ops 2023!


You knew Holiday Ops 2023 was coming, and with it the sparkling lights, the presents, and, perhaps most importantly, the special mood. We’re excited to announce that this year’s winter holiday event will be extra starry and bright—with two famous keepers of the festive spirit. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back, and he will be joined by another celebrity known and loved by tankers all around the globe: Milla Jovovich! This dynamic duo will preside over the big celebration in your Garages, making sure that everything goes as it should and that everyone gets lots of rewards!

11 thoughts on “WoT – Arnold and Milla Join World of Tanks for Holiday Ops 2023!

    1. I hope you realise that Milla Jovović was born in Kyiv, Ukraine SSR to her father, a notable Serbian doctor – Bogdan Jovović and Galina Loginova-Jovović (born in Krasnodar krai).

      Someone being born in Ukraine does not make them Ukranian. And ironically, you love Milla but say “Russian bitches”. Thats per excellence disrespect to the person you claim to adore.

      Please do calm your maginificient sugartitties you teenaged keyboard warrior buffoon.

      All the best!

      1. Nobody wanted slava ukraini as a standard market for world of tanks
        Especialy same actor like last year

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