WoT RU: Flamethrower Tanks

Today begins closed testing of a new mechanic in World of Tanks RU — the flamethrower. Lesta Studio will install this type of weapon on one of the vehicles and send it to the Supertest, where they will be able to study various aspects of dealing damage with fire and test a number of hypotheses.

Test model

The test implementation is based on the project of assault equipment designed to attack bunkers. For testing, the Kanonenjagdpanzer was chosen.

The selected tank is not considered as the final model of the future mechanic.

Gameplay Features

The game concept of a flamethrower tank is a support vehicle with a limited firing range (150 m).

The amount of damage dealt will depend on the armor of the enemy vehicle: vehicles with thick armor will receive less damage, while vehicles with weak armor will receive more.

Vision in the game

After the completion of all tests and research, the flamethrower might appear in World of Tanks RU as a new type of weapon/mechanic, then it is assumed that vehicles with such mechanics will become a support vehicle, a situational “damager”.

In addition, the crew will be stunned during the impact of the flamethrower jet. The current game prototype is built on existing mechanics in the game, so the initial stun time will be longer than wanted.

It is known that some players do not like the current stun mechanic, so Lesta Studio plans to rework it:

  • The calculation of the stun time will no longer depend on the damage dealt, but will be formed by two factors — the initial stun time from a self-propelled gun shell or a flamethrower hit and a reduction factor for this time, individual for each vehicle.
  • The effect of the stun will be more discrete, and will no longer depend on the amount of damage dealt.
  • The duration and strength of the stun effect can be affected by the equipment installed on the tank.

Also, the introduction of this type of weapon into the game will require the development of the possibility of passive protection against a flamethrower and the development of new equipment to protect modules and crew from fire and related damage factors.

Other testing features

As part of the Supertest, some of the equipment will be reconfigured:

  • Small repair kits and first aid kits will work on the principle of large ones, i.e. repair/heal all damaged modules and crew members.
  • The manual fire extinguisher will work automatically.
  • At the same time, standard equipment will differ from improved equipment by the absence of “passive” bonuses and a longer “recharge”.

15 thoughts on “WoT RU: Flamethrower Tanks

  1. “At the same time, standard equipment will differ from improved equipment by the absence of “passive” bonuses and a longer “recharge”.”
    Even more pay to win, here we go.

    1. It’s truly is astonishing to me how good WG is at ruining a massive cash cow. Instead of just making changes that people ask for over and over and over and (you get where I’m going with this right?) they just continually add crap that nobody asks for and that further breaks an already severely broken game. GG WG.

      1. Literally it’s Lesta original. They even said it somewhere that It will be only on RU server. But you still blame WG.

      2. is it really so hard nowadays to read one fucking sentence? youth used to be on twittr and other short msg shit is not even able to read 1 fucking sentence? it says all in 1st sentence – WoT RU. WTF

  2. Remove the stun no need for that, this would make the firefighting perk useful, asides that I think it would be hilarious but incredibly situational

  3. So is this only for Mir Tankov or also for World of Tanks EU/NA/CN/Asia?
    Because if its only for Mir Tankov, then lol.

  4. Could they have a picked a worse vehicle to test this mechanic with??

    They’re going to test a new mechanic using one of the lowest play rate t8 tank destroyers in the game
    On a tank that is a premium so it’s not even accessible freely
    On a tank that is a paper-armour sniper tank, so it’s always all the way at the back and hidden
    But a flamethrower requires very short range (150m as said in the article)

    I’m laughing so hard, this is ridiculous. SURELY I’m missing something here otherwise this is just the most nonsensical choice of vehicle to test it on.

    1. It makes sense. Do you really want over performing tanks buffed/having new featured added? Underperforming tanks are the perfect testbed. And might make them more fun/playable/sellable.

  5. Flamethrower gimmick reeks of desperation to get players playing wot RU. I like unique/niche mechanics, but I hope flamethrower never come to wot proper

  6. I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind setting fire to Russian tanks and imagining their monkey crews burning to death

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