WoT CT 1.19: BZ-176 Changes

BZ-176(China, Tier-8, HT, premium, mechanics: rocket boosters)
• Removed HEAT shells
• High-explosive (HE) shell became premium
Type 2 shell: HE
• Armor penetration 2 (HE) shell: from 75 to 225 mm
• Shell velocity 2 (HE) shell: 550 to 760 m/s
• 2 (HE) shell damage: from 1,100 to 800
• Average damage per minute of 2 (HE) shell: from 2,754 to 2,003
• 2 (HE) module damage: from 200 to 203
• 2 (HE) projectile price: from 1,450 to 7,200 credits
• Radius of damage of 2 (HE) shell: 3.66 m

Armor of the the gun block’s upper roof increased from: 29 to 41 mm
With lower caliber guns it is no longer possible to overmatch this area.

22 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.19: BZ-176 Changes

    1. Please don’t start, it’s obvious that guy is a basement dwelling troll, there’s no reasoning with people like that.

  1. Aaaand another insane ridgeline monster that forces you to shoot nothing but gold ammo. Just what the game needed. Well done. There goes balance out of the window once more.

    1. It’s disgusting, you can’t even pen it with gold ammo. If you see it hull-down now you literally can’t fight it unless you are a tier 10 TD firing gold. Weakest point on the turret is 325 at maximum gun depression (and very difficult to hit) but the next thinnest part is 350-360 -.-

      1. Well if they made it weak spot you would complain that it’s trash and nobody would buy it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Balance is completely out of the window now.
    Tier 8 hulldown with bullshit turret, lets buff the only real weakspot it had so not even 122mm guns can overmatch it.

    1. Marathons are not profitable enough, WG gets more money off trading caravan, loot boxes and paid gachas.

  3. So what is WoT about now, buy the premium tank with the best turret and good gold rounds, and pad winrate in it? I guess the game is much cheaper than I thought, despite its polished graphics.

  4. At this point there’s not even reason to get upset, WG wants everyone to have invulnerable turrets and spam gold ammo, especially the latter. Everything revolves around paying to build easy damage, how can one feel satisfied over this is beyond me.

  5. If I was going to bet on another marathon it would be for the TL-7.

    This is keeping in mind that I’m not holding my breath on another marathon being held anytime soon.

  6. No matter what wg does, you just compain, boo hoo another op tank, boo hoo i need to spam gold … not like you’re not doing it all the time :))) boo hoo i can’t pen a paper tank with gold and 300 armor penetration, stupid game, stupid wg boo hoo. Yet you still play the game, and even those who don’t leave stupid comments here :)))

  7. I would like Wargaming to improve the Japanese heavy. Unless he improves the 0-Ho which is a completely obsolete tank. Unless you improve your explosive cannon, especially your AP bullet that instead of piercing 121mm (you don’t pierce absolutely anything at level 8/10) that pierce 200mm or 212mm… But hey, the premium tank sells, the line tanks don’t …

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