Meanwhile on WoT ASIA…

Premium vehicles making their exclusive debut on the ASIA server: the Tier VIII Jagdtiger Prototype tank destroyer, the Tier VIII Udarniy heavy tank, and the main newcomer of the fall, the TL-7. This maneuverable Tier IX tank destroyer boasts good turret armor and a devastating 4-shell autoloader that can knock 1,440 HP out of an opponent in less than 7 seconds.

The Armory Box

You can see your purchased bundles with gifts to the right of the Vehicle Panel. Let’s have a look inside to see what you can get!

In each opened box, you can receive up to four items. You are guaranteed (100%) to receive at least one item. There’s a high probability (85%) that a second item will drop. And there’s a relatively small chance (25%) you’ll receive a third item. Finally, for the very lucky (2%), a fourth item will drop, but keep in mind that this fourth item will always be a Premium vehicle.

If you open 49 boxes without receiving a Premium vehicle, you’ll have a 100% chance of getting one of the following nine vehicles from the 50th box:

  • TL-7
  • Jagdtiger H Prototype
  • Udarniy
  • Strv 81
  • Turtle Mk. I
  • ISU-130
  • IS-5
  • VK 75.01 (K)
  • Kampfpanzer 07 RH


The TL-7 is a tank destroyer from USA. This agile vehicle with an autoloader can play in many positions. Fight in the thick of battle and take advantage of enemy mistakes, or fire from a distance and cover your allies. You will just need to mark your target.

Without looking at its characteristics, one of this vehicle’s advantages is clearly its size. Of course, it’s no E 25, but hitting the TL-7 from a distance is quite hard as well.

It’s armed with a biting gun with a 4-shell autoloader. And with an average damage of 360 HP per shot and a reload time between shots of 2.3 s, your enemies will know exactly what happened to their 1,440 hit points. The only thing you need to consider is penetration. The 252 mm of penetration from standard shells might be not enough against Tier X vehicles. However, special shells are excellent. They offer 315 mm of penetration and an impressive velocity of 1,492 m/s.

The 0.4 dispersion might raise some questions at first, but that’s only if you like to roll out without equipment, a trained crew, or consumables. But if you equip the vehicle with Improved Aiming, Improved Ventilation, and Case of Cola, and train your crew with Brothers in Arms, the 0.4 will quickly turn into 0.33. Now, that’s much better.

The TL-7 also features interesting armor. Its turret has rounded shapes, which means that ricochets will be a common occurrence. The turret and hull sides also have screens that help withstand hits from HEAT shells.

The vehicle’s mobility is decent. It accelerates up to 50 km/h almost right from the start and can easily be among the first to occupy firing positions and give the enemy a warm welcome.

Jagdtiger Prototype

Like all vehicles in the Jagdtiger series, the Tier VIII Jagdtiger Prototype tank destroyer has all the recognizable shapes… and the name. However, there are a lot of interesting features hidden “under its hood.”

With an average damage of 490 HP and penetration of 246 mm, its gun easily handles even Tier X vehicles. This will allow you to save your special shells and earn credits.

Even heavy tanks might envy its armor. Its turret has 250 mm of effective armor, while the effective armor on the hull is 200 mm. Moreover, the vehicle doesn’t have any obvious weak spots, such as commander cupolas.

The Jagdtiger Prototype has great potential in close combat. It can absorb damage, shoot the enemy, make a fuss on the flank, farm credits, and even trade hit points, of which it has plenty for a tank destroyer: 1,600 HP!

Staying in the bushes and covering your allies is only possible when you’re at the bottom of the list. However, in all other cases, this tactic isn’t putting the vehicle’s advantages to good use.


Another excellent and uncompromising Tier VIII tank is the Udarniy.

The Udarniy is as long as a locomotive and as sturdy as a true heavy tank. Its front is literally a steel wall.

With an oval turret, a pike nose, and a very small lower glacis plate, the practical side of the vehicle’s design can’t be underestimated. The effective armor in its turret and hull is more than 300 mm. And if you hide its weak spot behind cover and face your enemies, even Tier X vehicles won’t be able to penetrate you to the front.

The Udarniy is armed with a 122 mm gun with fast-moving APCR shells with a velocity of 1,100 m/s. The accuracy of 0.42 and aiming time of 3.1 s are truly Soviet characteristics. It will have difficulty firing from a distance, but performs reliably in close combat.

On the front line, the Udarniy is a necessary unit that can keep pressure on the enemy or hold back their attempts to break through.

29 thoughts on “Meanwhile on WoT ASIA…

  1. its funny because jadgtiger proto was suposed to replace the 8.8 back in 2014 if im not mistaken and wg chose to buf the 8.8 instead and this tank hasnt been touch since then so it has the same stats of 2014. Think about how outdated the 8.8 is, jadg proto is the same shit but with 490 alpha and a long ass reload

    1. Honestly the jtiger proto is what the tier 9 should be, as in the ferdi needs dropped to tier 7 and have it’s casemate buffed to 230 while using the 8.8/10.5 as it’s top gun and the jtiger going to tier 8 with the 12.8 and the same front plate buff the tiger 2 got with the machine gun port staying as a weakspot. And then idk fill the tier 9 gap with a td based on the e75 chassis with a 15cm or some shit, not hard to just make up another german td that fits the line and I don’t think anyone would complain about the og german tds getting some love and buffs.

      1. This is the solution for German TDs.
        Jagdtiger Prototype
        The jagdtiger that should be part of the line. In tier 8
        Tier 6: jagdpanther
        Tier 7: ferdi (88 L71)
        Tier 8: Jagdtiger (128 L55)
        Tier 9: JagdE75 (128 or 150)
        Tier 10 jagdE100

        Other branch
        Tier 6: jagdpanther
        Tier 7: jagdpanther with autoloader
        Tier 8: jagdpanther II (real one sloped armor same form as jagdpanther)
        Tier 9: JagdE-50
        Tier 10: JagdE-50M (super good 105 with 2 apcr or an APCR and HEAT)

        Connection of branchs Tier 9: Jagdtiger L66 (the ingame tank)

    2. Jagd 8.8 is still quite nice – though tanks like SMV CC-64 Vipera and espescially ShPTK-TVP 100 make life much harder

    3. Not really Jagd 8.8 is really good, the gun make it a little bad against tier 9 because of pen.
      Real solution for KV-5 and Jagd8.8 is drop them to tier 7 with full mm (yea you see tier 9 but with tier 7 in the battle that makes a big difference)

      Drop them and nerf them a little if needed

  2. To hell with gachas, seriously.

    I’m okay with paying WG money, but gambling to obtain the newest premium tank is sick and toxic as hell. Given that now WG only introduces new premiums this way, I suppose I’ll always be late to the party when it comes to premiums.

    1. Or you can just wait half a year for WG to put them up for money the normal way.
      Only you can stop FOMO.

      Ah, I suppose it doesn’t hold up for the lowtier trash tanks in the christmas boxes.
      But then again, those are lowtier trash tanks only a collector would want to have.

      1. When I said “I’ll be late to the party” I meant I’d eventually buy the premiums when they become available for direct sale. It sucks, but it beats getting them at unreasonably inflated prices.

        1. problem with world of tanks that they have their own prices, they do not submit for any legislation on selling products, what you paid today for a product would probably pay after 10 years [lowe’s case] even tho the tank iself its a shit and because its so bad, its unsellable, also because new meta premiums
          Wargaming can do some benefic stuff for everybody but nobody works for free as they ask for their prices

  3. Meanwhile in the EU server, more than more than 766.000 users switched from RU, so now we are full loaded of cheat and toxic battles…..

    1. Haha yeah, spam more stupid autoloader to ruin your money game.
      I’m already stopped playing this game

    2. Yesterday Daki got streamsniped by russian team in onslaught and got proof caus a Ru speaking guy watched the stream of the snipers and confirmed it

      1. Oh dear what a shame my heart bleeds.
        Every game is rigged by boosting companies using old or new accounts just used for platoon rigging but nothing is done about it so 🤷🏼‍♂️

      2. Good, all they care about is money, nothing else, they would rather be paid to lie for instance for a new premium tank that is BAD for the game
        IDK what those !$%@! say about the game, they get paid to dance, dance

    3. Those stats are BS.
      There’s never more than 35,000 ever playing across all EU servers.

  4. “Moreover, the vehicle doesn’t have any obvious weak spots, such as commander cupolas.”

    Sure, if you ignore the huge ass lower front plate.

    1. That sentence is wrong for different reasons – how is one supposed to deal with a tank that does not have weakspots?

      … oh right, just load gold ammo! Seriously, high tier matches can be hilarious when tanks with few if any weakspots try to pen each other’s turrets with gold. Amazing game experience here!

  5. You can also notice the ISU130, which is not available on the other servers, yet (from what i recall, it was given to a select few)…

    1. Way back in the day (about 2015) the ISU-130 was a specific gift to CC’s (at least on NA)…it wasn’t particularly good but I gather it got buffed at some point

  6. Jagdtiger Prototype
    The jagdtiger that should be part of the line. In tier 8
    Tier 6: jagdpanther
    Tier 7: ferdi (88 L71)
    Tier 8: Jagdtiger (128 L55)
    Tier 9: JagdE75 (128 or 150)
    Tier 10 jagdE100

    Other branch
    Tier 6: jagdpanther
    Tier 7: jagdpanther with autoloader
    Tier 8: jagdpanther II (real one sloped armor same form as jagdpanther)
    Tier 9: JagdE-50
    Tier 10: JagdE-50M (super good 105 with 2 apcr or an APCR and HEAT)

    Connection of branchs Tier 9: Jagdtiger L66 (the ingame tank)

    1. Another idea is having it go
      Tier 5: Jpz4
      Tier 6: Jpz4 l70a (the one with the funky giant casemate and the panthers l70 gun)
      Tier 7: Jagdpanther 12.8 (which is the jagdpanther 2 we have in game just on the panther chassis as opposed to the panther 2 chassis)
      Tier 8: Jagdtiger B (an alternative design using a rear casemate, you can read about it here it you wanna )
      Tier 9: Rear casemate variant of the jpze75
      Tier 10: The jpze100 we all know in game rn, this line fitting more of a mid range fire support role with its higher alpha, kinda like how the 263 used to play best as a midrange vehicle before the v4 took its place at tier 10.
      Tier 6: Jagdpanther
      Tier 7: Ferdinand
      Tier 8: Jagdtiger
      Tier 9: The more realistic Jpze100 design with the casemate in the middle like how it is on the Jagdtiger with the 15cm instead of the 17cm
      Tier 10: That Jagdmaus design with the 17cm, these vehicles being more like brawlers and having lower alpha but better soft stats and obviously better armor, basically german t110e3 gameplay.

      And I’m not even gonna bother with the grille 15 line, that’s a cluster fuck that needs deconstructed and turned into two separate tank lines to fix its shit and that’s too much effort for me to do in the tap comments.

      1. Maybe more realistic but gameplay wise it makes a lot of sence having a more versatil/sniper line jagdE-50M (jagdpanther like Tds, normal casamate not back casamate) and a stronger armoured td line, jagdE100 line (bufff jagdE100 to 270 in the week sides of casamate

  7. I don’t know why people bother with all these suggestions, tech trees and stuff
    The EULA says wot can’t accept them

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