21 thoughts on “WoT: Number of People Who Switched From RU to EU (week 2)

    1. Hi, i am Guzza from the [-TOT] clan. I wish to sell my account as i ran into a Support Team Officer called Sir_Win_Alot and i am in trouble. I offer 2500€ for it. Contact me for details :*

  1. They shouldn’t have allowed fag go rushnz to transfer their accounts. Now each of 4 eu servers u can see them swarming in general chat – mocking everyone they can. I’ll say nothing about the battles where these clowns are just dying like cattle or clan invites and their conversion(name and description change) into anti-ukrainian ones. Great move WG – in ur style. Like war, greed never changes..

    1. Fuck Russian β€œZ” zombies. I have no doubt that a lot of good people still exist in Russia and that a lot of them joined with our Ukrainian friends, but the stupid fucking Zs are now infesting our servers too.

    2. Since when general chat matters? It’s a cesspool for trolls and nothing else, if the Z guys want to go there and spam ultranationalist trash let them, I’m sure the EU trolls will give them a warm welcome (assuming the mods don’t kick them first).

    3. Thats the reason i stopped playing i have no intention to play games with people who come from criminal country’s like russia .

    4. Most of the UA and RU clan tagged accounts etc I’ve seen on Eu1 and 2 so far are days old with sub 100 battles. I think most are just testing the water as they still have time to decide on a full transfer.

    1. I find that number hard to believe too. As EU4 still have 900 on a good day, and Eu3 is still around 20 to 40K it seems. Unless most still have accounts on RU they prefer to use, and just moved their alts here and play their main on RU.

    2. Just because that around 600k users switched to EU, it doesnt mean they all play at the same time. You know how many EU players there are and how many average play at the same time?

  2. To remain competitive there’s only a few premium tanks worth playing.
    But then whole game is bore fest.
    One game mode for 20 years wtf.
    Veteran players have everything, need nothing, don’t play.
    That leaves casual don’t give a fuck useless 45% players.
    Hence why games are trashed within first 2 minutes.
    Which encourages more better players to not play which means even more useless c units…..

    1. WG does not care about “veteran players”. No point in keeping them around when they play for free, get almost everything for free and don’t spend, they’re just leechers at that point.

      In fact, if WG has to make OP pos like Chieftain to keep “veterans” around, it’s best that they leave the game.

      1. I started out back in 2010 (when beta came out – was one of the lucky few, who was invited to test it).

        Since then I saw this game change tremendously. My account contains around 50(so far) premium tier-8 tanks.

        Some I bought(for real money/gold), some I won(by simply playing marathons) and some I got as gifts or they dropped from loot boxes.

        But I really stopped donating into the game 2 years ago – that was actually the last time when I bought new year loot boxes.

        Since then, I just login into the game once in a while, play a few battles (on my favorite tier X tanks) and logout. I don’t farm, I don’t donate for a premium account. There is no need – when you have 120+ mil of silver – what’s the point?

        I do see some weird a55 sh1t – and tbh I am not surprised, considering that people want some action and thrill, and usually this means a breakthrough on any type of tank – and it doesn’t end well in most of the cases.

        My point here is – WG does what it can to keep game afloat, but it does not fix issues with balance that are present in-game for 12 years.

        And I am not concerned, like most of the so called veterans that WG forgot about us – I mean, we are not providing any value for this game at all, so why bother – sounds fair.

        What I AM concerned about – is a fact, that game becomes more and more donation-related(and the fact that new premium tanks are more and more OP than the regular(researchable) tanks makes me question the WG logic – do they really want to move to a pay-to-win model?

        Cuz if ‘Yes’, then this is a highway to hell – and I DON’T recommend anyone to support them any further.

        1. I agree with you.

          I’m not at a competitive level but I’ve been spending nonstop on WoT since the early 2010s. I don’t mind because the game provided me lots of entertainment, but it’s easy to notice that things are much different (I believe the breaking point was early 2018), and not only are they geared towards premium content of all kinds (some argue you cannot play high tiers without full gold ammo and rations, and it’s spilling over to lower tiers as well), there seems to be a strong push towards making the game faster.

          Tank survivability has not improved much (bullshit armor aside), whereas speed and damage output have escalated beyond anything reasonable, which IMHO kills the fun as we are forced to play like Call of Duty speedrunners to stay afloat.

          tl;dr – I’ve been spending less and less on the game, as there are better places where to throw disposable income.

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    πŸ†“πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ β˜’οΈπŸ”šπŸ‡·πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡·πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡·πŸ‡Ίβœ‘οΈ

  4. More reasons to disable chat and use anonymizer. I am bad player. I admit that but after transfer… I feel like i am good player. The level some of the Cyrillic players play make bots look good.

    1. I played waffentrash mode today. I got 11,000 damage the rest of the team 3,000 each. Checked all the players each one was 46%
      That is some serious lack of skill to get such a terrible win rate!!

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