WoT: Battle Pass Season IX Q&A

  • Will Season IX Feature a Temporary Chapter?

The framework for a temporary Chapter is currently under discussion, so it will take some time before we can definitively answer questions about its future. However, we do not have any announcements planned regarding a temporary Chapter for Season IX.

  • Will My Existing Personal Reserves Expire With the Changes?

All Personal Reserves that are on your accounts when the new mechanics are applied, will be turned into new Personal Reserves with no expiration date.

  • How Does Season IX Differ From Previous Seasons?

The mechanics of Season IX haven’t changed.

  • When Should I Spend My Battle Pass Points By?

You have until November 30 to spend all your Battle Pass points. That is when the season will end and all unspent Battle Pass points will be lost.

  • What Can I Use My Tokens For?

You have a lot of rewards to choose from, so it may be hard to decide right away.

This year, three new items have been added to the Token Shop. Above all, make sure to check out the bundle with Bounty Equipment available for 3 Tokens. You can even receive extra Bounty Equipment in exchange for 3 more Tokens from the free Battle Pass Reward Track. This bundle is available for purchase once per Season, so we strongly recommend considering it. Don’t forget that Bounty Aiming or a Turbocharger can significantly boost your gaming experience.

Since June, the  IXCobra  has been stirring up emotions in Random Battles. This vehicle impresses allies and enemies alike, and, of course, Cobra owners themselves. The tank’s 4-shell magazine offers an unforgettable opportunity to surprise careless opponents with a fast and discouraging barrage of HESH shells. Alternatively, load more familiar HEAT shells, which deal less damage but offer better chances, and slow down even heavy and armored enemies.

The  IXLorraine 50 t  offers more familiar and straightforward gameplay. It is a moderately armored and quite mobile heavy tank with a comfortable gun. You will be able to fire at medium and long distances, and quickly change positions so as to choose the right moment to strike, instead of waiting for the enemy to make a mistake.

  • When Should I Spend My Tokens By?

The Token Shop will close on December 20, 2022. This means you have some time to decide what to buy, even after Season IX ends. However, we do not recommend delaying your purchases. Any unspent Tokens will be converted into bonds at the rate of 1 Token = 100 bonds.

  • Will Transferring to EU Affect My Battle Pass Progress?

Any Battle Pass progression made before transferring will carry over to the EU server.

  • How Will New Personal Reserves Mechanics Affect Battle Pass?

All changes to the Personal Reserves mechanics will be implemented by approximately October 2022.

All Personal Reserves that are on your accounts when the new mechanics are applied will be turned into new Personal Reserves with no expiration date.

We will soon announce all of the improvements that have been made to the Personal Reserves mechanics and UI. But for now, here are the key changes:

  • All Personal Reserves will have a duration of one hour.
  • Personal Reserves for Crew XP and Free XP will be merged into a single combined type. (This also applies to Season IX progression rewards.)
  • Along with the three types of Personal Reserves, there will be two grades of bonuses: Standard (+50% to XP / +50% to credits / +200% to Crew and Free XP) and Improved (+100% to XP / +100% to credits / +300% to Crew and Free XP).

Taking the discussion on the matter into consideration, we’ve decided not to make Personal Reserves from Season IX Base rewards time-limited after Update 1.18.1. Therefore, all Personal Reserves you obtain as Battle Pass Season IX rewards will have no expiration date, whether you collect them before or after 1.18.1 hits.



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