WoT Battle Pass: No 4th Bonus Chapter

Wotclue has confirmed that there will be no fourth bonus Battle Pass chapter during Season IX:

In the current season 9 of WoT BP, there will be no temporary 4th chapter again. “We are working on the format and will inform you in advance about its return”, the developers said.

6 thoughts on “WoT Battle Pass: No 4th Bonus Chapter

    1. It’s not that great a tank. It’s paper at best. A big hellcat +2tiers higher whereost got good crew and whatnot. Two hits and it dies. Plus it’s DPM comes with little alph so you can’t trade. But I am SURE you knew that all…cause you Too own it….riiight? And what about Turtles?!
      Super DPM and armor for towns! Hull down so mean!

      Wasn’t VIPERA OP!! BREAKING THE GAMEEEE just a week ago
      now it’s Tvp, again ?! That’s cute.
      Make Up you mind.

      To quote Syndrome
      “If everyone is super, no one will be”

      So many legit complaints
      With more RNG than Wot .

      1. You’re as dramatic as ever I see.

        No, I don’t have the TVP, I skipped that marathon and I kind of regret it. I do have the Vipera though, and it’s only OP against noobs, anyone with a minimum of game knowledge won’t have much trouble.

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