WoT: Outpost Map Feedback

The new Outpost Map is available now on the live server and WG would like to hear your first impressions and Feedback on the map! Share additional feedback on the new map via WGs Community Feedback Form:
Outpost Map Feedback: https://forms.office.com/r/FLYqPiERVN
Form closes on 11 September 2022 23:59

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21 thoughts on “WoT: Outpost Map Feedback

  1. Its a good map. said it over n over.
    Not sure if i like the colorful tone but i guess its not as boring as bombed.
    HALF HALF might been great.

    The snowy factory map was great too!

    the airfield one is pure cancer, everyone agrees. a mish mash made of the worst snippits that dont fit together

  2. New map, new tweaks, new tank line, buffs and nerfs but still only 10k players online…
    Wow how far this game has dropped from 200k players online

    1. Its 02-33 from sunday to sunday in Europe. Central. Now its 14.2k
      Logged in earlier and it was 50-60ish

      Some people have to go to work in the morning.

    2. btw WoT CONSOLE or Wot on STEAM and WoT BLITZ are also attractive alternatives
      Right now. 1606 (07 09 2022) we got 43k again.

  3. Said it back in recon, it’s a less bs version of mines with the sad af “rush mid and instantly win” trash design. Meanwhile old removed maps still get ignored despite being a hundred times better than all of their recon junk.

    1. If you think mid win you read this map wrong.
      Its not like mines at all because you can play outside mid hill spoting unlike mines

      Old Removed maps are (most of them) bad, only good ones are Swamp and Komarin.
      The rest are just corridors like Empire border

      1. You hilariously say the good ones are swamp and Komarin while the rest are just corridors like empire’s border… Swamp and Komarin WERE TWO corridor maps, some of the worst offenders for the “corridor” design phase. Noone was dumb enough to ever go mid on swamp so it always ended up as 2 corridors. Meanwhile Komarin was 2 corridors and a pointless middle island that couldn’t shoot anywhere except back at the now abandoned spawns, even worse was you had to hard commit to a corridor since changing sides wasn’t an option once anyone had mid. Port, Stalingrad, Northwest, Windstorm, South coast, just to name a few were all great maps with far more interesting gameplay than what we have now and weren’t 2 corridor maps like your picks.

        1. I miss the last version of Swamp, then Port, Stalingrad, Windstorm, Hidden Village and maybe,just maybe South Coast, even when these maps were corridors a lot like… One thing to Komarin – it was a perfect school for beginners like me then to learn the mechanics, spottin and unspotting, use cover and bushes, double bushes… You were forced to learn the game, otherwise you would die soon and get little exp. Now, you just need to be dumb and play for “fun” to research tier 10 in a month without nothin. Back then you need skill and use brain… I miss those times and players…

        2. How is that maps with open place are corridors? lol

          Yea they are not designed to play that place with heavies like same happens to karelia but you can play mid with lights in swamp, unlike stalingrad, or current empire border, abbay were there is not even an option to use a part for good cammo tanks thats the big difference.

          Real corridors are the ones that you cant flank because its imposible because you are blocked by a wall or a mountain (empire border clear example)

          Windstorm was ok, but still not good for lights
          Northwest feels a little like tundra but more open

          1. Komarin was open spaced but in reality it was pretty corridor like… I mean that open maps are also corridor like… You just cant go thru open, there are playing schemes which cant be ignored…

            1. You can, but you cant in heavies thats a big difference same as you cant just peak like nothing in mid of proko or malinovka that does not make the map a corridor.

              But i was asking to “V” i agree with you about komarin being a good school

    1. If you are still worried about “artas” then you need to stop playing as it means you are beyond hope and will always be a useless c unt.

      1. Well, if you are somewhere sidescrapin with heavy and get shave of every 20 sec or so for 150-250, in 1 minute its 450-750 of HP, plus with stun. Of course, relocate, but but but but… you dont need to be immediately salty and toxic…

      1. As if there are no gypsies in the Czech Republic.

        Anyway it’s a Balkan map, the original name is Zastava, and the soundtrack is called Ederlezi.

        Lyrics are:

        Sa me amala oro khelena
        Oro khelena, dive kerena
        E devado babo, amenge bakro
        Sa o Roma babo, e bakren chinen
        Sa o Roma babo babo
        Sa o Roma o daje
        Sa o Roma babo babo
        Ederlezi, Ederlezi
        Sa o Roma daje

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