WoT: The CS-52 C Goes to the Supertest

The CS-52 C, a Polish Tier VIII medium tank, will be coming to the Supertest soon.

This vehicle is armed with a 100 mm gun that can deal 250 HP of damage per shot, as well as penetrate 190 mm of armour with a standard AP shell, or 290 mm with its special HEAT shell. It has an accuracy of 0.39 and an aiming time of 2.7 s. The reload time is 8.5 s, and the view range is 380 m.

The armour on this vehicle is not particularly impressive. While the thickness of the armour plates in the frontal projection of the turret reaches 260 mm, it is mostly the gun mantlet, other parts of the turret are not as well-armoured. The hull is not as well-protected, with 80 mm in the frontal projection. The total durability of the vehicle is 1,350 HP.

A key feature of the CS-52 C is its manoeuvrability. This vehicle has two modes of movement: Standard and Rapid. Changing modes affects the vehicle’s dynamic characteristics. In the Standard mode, it has a top speed of 50 km/h. However, in the Rapid mode, this top speed increases to 70 km/h. Engine power in the Rapid mode increases significantly as well, from the standard 710 h.p. all the way to 1,150 h.p. At the same time, the improved dynamics in the Rapid mode significantly affect its gun handling characteristics, reducing its stabilization and aiming time.

The Standard-to-Rapid switch time is of only 2.5  s. And the Rapid-to-Standard switch takes 1.5 s.

All in all, the CS-52 C is a classic medium tank. The vehicle has an effective gun mounted on a mobile, but weakly armoured, platform. Moreover, using the Rapid mode will significantly expand your area of control on the map and provide new tactical options that, if used skillfully, will allow the CS-52 C to reach its full potential.

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16 thoughts on “WoT: The CS-52 C Goes to the Supertest

    1. Looks worse to me. Compared to LIS, it loses massively in firepower except for the significantly better gold round, and while the turbo mode is no doubt fun and allows you to outspeed all but a few of T8 light tanks, I’m not convinced that it’s a worthwhile change.

      I reserve the right to alter my opinion once we get to see the gun stability and ground resistance stats.

      1. On rykoszet they list the handling as 0,14/0,12/0,12 for standard mode and 0,30/0,45/0,45 for racing mode.

        1. That’d be pretty much in line with CS-63, so makes sense. If it goes live with those stats, my opinion of it being worse than LIS stands. It’s pretty much made for bullying light tanks and taking positions unavailable for slower tanks, but not really competitive otherwise.

          A shame, really. A balanced but good miniature CS-63 would fit the tech tree much better than the current LIS which feels quite disconnected from the rest of the Polish mediums.

      2. We don’t know anything about its shell velocity yet it’s hard to say.
        HEAT is not always better than APCR, plus LIS has 1569m/s with APCR so…
        But truly, the gun looks horrible. That accuracy for 250 alpha is insanely outdated, and that aiming speed as well, even if it gets 0.12 & 0.10 stability, its gun handling overall is still very bad.
        By the first look, this tank is straight up horrible.

  1. The Question is: Is the turret like the CS-63 turret or like the LIS turret? Or in other words, does it have no armor or op (260mm) armor?

    1. While the thickness of the armour plates in the frontal projection of the turret reaches 260 mm, it is mostly the gun mantlet, other parts of the turret are not as well-armoured.

      From the flavor text. Shape wise it even looks identical to the CS-63 turret.

      1. Well, it does indeed look like a CS-53 hull with the CS-63 turret ontop.
        So tl;dr, no armour worth mentioning.

        Besides, I never trust the armour values WG claims until you can see the exact layout.

  2. 190 mm standard pene and 290 gold pene. Yeah, Wargaming just wants people to spam premium rounds.

    Stats look initially quite meh. This tank is made you bleed credits. Nothing else. With these stats, Lis seems to be more comfortable.

    Speed is meta at the moment, so this tank might work but this tank emphasize 2 things i hate most in premium tank: reliance in gold round and reliance on particular meta to make this work. If meta ever changes away from speed, i am afraid this tank takes nasty hit.

    We shall see the final stats. I personally think they will pump Standard penetration to 202-212 before releasing this

  3. Interesting i always wonder why they dont make the turbo mod from tier 8 to tier 10 like they did in the swedish TDs.
    Maybe they fear to be OP or they wanted to make the tier X feel special and different to sell it.

    The tank looks more like a CS-53 than a CS-52 Lis

  4. Meanwhile, the tier 8 tech tree version is still far below average. The tier 9 is not so bad, but they both would benefit of this engine gimmick. And woulb be actually fun. Even if the bonuses a far less than this new premium.

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