17 thoughts on “WoT ST: “Lion”

  1. Considering that there are already two T10 Italian mediums in the game my basic question is: Why?

    Is this the replacement for one of them?

    1. It’s probably a typo, that or wg is doing something really weird and funky like with inverse autoreloaders on the is3a

    2. its not, first shell loads in 21 seconds, second shell in 13 seconds, third shell in 11 second and fourth shell loads in 8 seconds

  2. 0,4 accuracy? 5 seconds intra-clip load?
    No thanks.
    Hull is paper, even with a good turret you need a descent semi sniper gun.
    Unless WG buff the accuracy i does not care about the tank.

    I prefer better accuracy with worst gun handling or worst reload speed

      1. I still remember when autoloaders were the target of insults and spite reports, and that was when they were actually balanced with most stats being trash in exchange for the magazine. Good times.

  3. This should’ve been the tech tree Tier X medium. Not with these oddball reload times, but this hull should’ve been used. What with it actually being a real tank. Plus, given that the Prototipo Standard B is Leopard prototype and this is an Italian copy of the Leopard, it would’ve made for an imminently sensible progression.
    Why are they translating its name to Lion instead of using a proper Italian name? This is the Leone, a tank that actually existed, so don’t change its name.

    1. There’s no fan Bois left. They are all busy with their god complex as moderators on the wg forum.

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