WoT ST: Char Mle. 75 Detailed Stats

Char Mle. 75 is a new unique tank with 2 mechanics at the same time (Autoloader and Turbo mode)
(🇨🇵France, Tier-9, LT, premium, autoloader with 6/4 shells in different engine modes)

The autoloader mechanism differs according to which engine mode the tank is in.

If your tank is in normal mode then:
• Shells in the drum: 6
• Bursts 3 shells with 0.4 sec cooldown between them
• Clips in the drum: 2, for 3 projectiles the intraclip reload is 3.5 seconds

If your tank is in turbo mode then:
• Shells in the drum: 4
• Bursts 2 shells with 0.6 sec cooldown between them
• Clips in the drum: 2, for 2 projectiles the intraclip reload is 3.5 seconds

It is still unknown what happens if you switch from normal to turbo mode when reloading the drum.

The first value is normal mode / the second value is high-speed (keep in mind when changing the mode, some of the tank’s performance characteristics improve, others worsen):
• Time to enter high-speed mode: 1 sec
• Time to exit high-speed mode: 3 sec
• Reload between projectiles: 0.4 sec / in turbo 0.6 sec
• Shells in drum: 6 / in turbo 4
• Shells in queue: 3 / in turbo 2
• Turret rotation speed: 67.79° / in turbo 20.86°
• Aiming time: 2.40 sec / in turbo 2.88 sec
• Turret traverse dispersion (max.): 0.04 (2.71) / in turbo 0.30 (6.26)
• Spread after shot: 2.00 / in turbo 8.00
• Max. forward speed: 55 km/h / turbo 78 km/h
• Max. reverse speed: 20 km/h / in turbo 45 km/h
• Engine power: 1,000 h.p. / in turbo 1,400 h.p
• View range: 390m / in turbo 370m

Parameters for gun only in normal mode – 100 mm SA47 mle. 75:
• Average damage: 250
• AP penetration: 200 mm
• APCR (Special Shell) penetration: 240 mm
• HE penetration : 53 mm
• Whole drum reload: 44.05 sec
• Reload between projectiles: 3.5 sec
• Projectiles per drum: 6
• Projectiles per clip: 3
• Clips per drum: 2
• Elevation angles: -8/15°
• Aiming time: 2.4 sec
• Dispersion at 100 m: 0.34
• Average damage per minute: 1,831
• AP shell velocity: 1,050 m/s
• APCR (Special Shell) velocity: 1 350 m/s
• HE shell velocity: 800 m/s

All performance characteristics are indicated with the commander’s bonus.

There is no description of the tank yet.

Crew of 3 people: Commander (Radio Operator, Loader); Gunner (Loader); Driver
Role in battle: Versatile light tank
Special category. Equipment: Scouting.

14 thoughts on “WoT ST: Char Mle. 75 Detailed Stats

  1. That burst autoloader is so bad lol, who came up with that? This is what happens when they take the Luchs 3cm autocannon and move it to Tier 9, it’s a terrible idea.

    1. 750 damage in 0.8 seconds from a light tank that’ll do it again 3.5 seconds later for 1500 damage in 5.1 seconds, yeah, “it’s bad” – for the game because of how insanely dangerous that is.

  2. I think tier 9 premiums should just be exact copies of good tech tree tanks in their fully upgraded configuration with premium economics. T95 premium, E75 premium, Leopard PTA premium, T54 LWT premium, etc.

    1. Considering we’re yet to get a good tier 9 premium, it’s more likely this’ll be next year’s battle pass tier 9 option given how unique this is.

  3. This will be the last tank for the marathon this year. I don’t want to get into any details(where did I hear this from) – just wait & see for urself.

    1. There won’t be any marathons anymore. Sales are down to an alltime low, so everything from now on is either a lootbox, christmas or pure sell event.

  4. Most of the T9 premiums, to this point, have turned out to be worth playing…but I’m going to take a lot of selling on the concept.

    1. I just wish they’d buff WZ 114’s gun handling. Low dpm can work, bad dispersion can work but low dpm with bad dispersion doesn’t make for fun gameplay even if you’re able to get a decent win rate out of the vehicle.

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