WoT: 1.18 Common Test: New 2D and 3D Styles

An all-season style awarded for your achievements during Battle Pass Season IX.

An all-season style awarded for your achievements during Battle Pass Season IX.

An all-season style awarded for your achievements during Battle Pass Season IX.

Let me tell you about them. This is Private Hernandez, our radio operator. And this is Lieutenant Smith, the commander. Hernandez is young and hot-headed, always looking for his place in this world. Smith, however, has already made it in life, in the military. He has clear goals and strong morals. Hernandez has no friends or family, just a couple of books from home and the keys to his old motorcycle. Smith is building a ranch somewhere outside of Bakersfield, where he plans to move with his huge family. For Hernandez, his main priority is freedom and open roads leading anywhere. For Smith, it’s his job. His crew. Private Hernandez and Lieutenant Smith are two completely different individuals. The only thing they have in common is their height.

Although the only person who would care about that is the undertaker…

The sands have no home. They go where the wind takes them. The wind has no home. It is nowhere and everywhere. It carries the sands and follows them. It raises millennia-old rocks from the ground and buries millennia-old cities under thick sand. It is powerful and almighty, and there is nobody in this world who can tame it. Those who come to our land will see that we are the wind. The wind is us. And they will share the fate of these millennia-old cities. The ones who come will be cloaked by the sands of oblivion that we inflict upon them. The sand will wash away the memory of the ones who come seeking violence. We are the wind. But we have a home. Here, where we don’t welcome outsiders bearing swords. Although we didn’t invite them, let it be known that, under the endless sand dunes, there is room for them all…

An all-season style inspired by a beautiful tree frog of the Phyllomedusidae family native to Neotropical rainforests.

Many countries in Asia celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. The origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival comes from the legend of Chang’e, a beautiful woman who took an immortality potion and ascended to the Moon Palace, unwittingly separating herself from her family forever. As an offering to Chang’e, who was condemned to live a life of solitude in the Moon Palace, her family began to place balls of rice flour and platters of fresh fruit in their garden. These traditions spread widely, transforming into a custom of worshipping the moon and eating mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. From mythological stories to ancient books and frescoes, Chang’e has become a symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Now, these celebrations in her honor have turned into a time for family reunions.

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