WoT: No Bonus Battle Pass Chapter

Our source at wotclue explains that there will be NO fourth vehicle marathon chapter for this season of Battle Pass.

Lesta Studio has published this announcement:

There will be no temporary chapter in the current season of BP-8. We need more time to analyze the collected statistics and feedback from the players.

Have a fine weekend! -Seb

6 thoughts on “WoT: No Bonus Battle Pass Chapter

    1. No issue with copy and paste, at least for me. I can find all useful info on a single website.

    2. Nico makes a good point. It is much more convenient to view news from a single database, especially in a language I speak. Sure there are web browser translation tools readily available, but those require extra steps. Plus, I do not want to actively search out Russian websites: I want to avoid those backwater cretins with no capabilities of intelligence whatsoever.

    3. Let me repeat myself again for you Jimmy. Whether you like it or not, this blog collects ~everything about WoT in one place. That’s it.

  1. Yea bc it was so easy to get the last reward tank they dont want to give one away that easy again . They dont care about player feedback they just care about they lost money .

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