Top 5 MMOs That Would Be Good Alternatives to WoT

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World of Tanks (WoT) is a multiplayer online game where users control tanks from many eras and nations. Since its initial release in 2010, World of Tanks has continued to expand and deliver substantial upgrades, including platform versions and a variety of spin-off titles concentrating on other tank types.

With customized armored vehicles at their disposal, players battle it out over many levels and game styles. Players may command five distinct types of vehicles in this PvP tank destruction game, each with a unique playstyle that affects their speed, size, and firing power.

Players must improve their accounts through battles to unlock each combat option, which is linked to the progression system. The games similar to World of Tanks listed below provide more vehicle gameplay in both MMO and single-player environments. You can find additional info at FPS Champion site.


Crossout, the vehicle combat game from Gaijin Entertainment, requires you to customize your bike and head to post-apocalyptic roadways for the fight. Crossout provides high-octane excitement in quick and explosive bouts, thanks to a vehicle creation system with infinite customization and fast-paced, armor-crunching combat.

You’ll begin with a rudimentary vehicle that you can quickly modify with prizes from PvP and PvE encounters, crafting, and the marketplace. Build your automobile from the wheels and chassis up, then equip it with armor, weaponry, and other accessories before driving it into the arena to kill or be killed.


Dreadnought is a flight combat simulator released by Grey Box and created by Yager Development. Players sail a gigantic battleship in Dreadnought, ranging from the eponymous Dreadnought to the Tactical Cruiser. All ships are strongly armed with projectile weaponry, each with its unique benefits and drawbacks.

You may customize the ships down to the smallest detail, including weapons, modules, hull coatings, and decals. Players compete in 5v5 class-based arena combat. Because each vessel has unique characteristics, players will want to collaborate to form the most efficient squad possible.

World of Warships

World of Warships is a 3D naval combat MMO produced by the WoT team. It’s based on great sea battles from the twentieth century. Players will be able to command a variety of vessels and fight in naval warfare in scripts based on historic boat clashes of the twentieth century in World of Vessels.

Mid-battle, players maneuver their machines, control their weaponry, and adjust to changing weather conditions. Because each machine has a unique mix of weaponry, speed, armor, and endurance, the enormous number of potential warships will provide a variety of tactical chances. Various naval settings with varying weather conditions will enhance the experience, and the realistic visuals will immerse gamers in the conflicts that impacted history.

Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 is an action game. In this sequel to the blockbuster game Titanfall, you’ll be able to enjoy an upgraded multiplayer experience with new titans, pilot skills, and weaponry to create a game you’ll want to play regularly.

Titanfall two also includes a comprehensive single-player campaign that allows you to explore the tight bond between a pilot and their very own titan over various stages that prepare you for the multiplayer experience.

War Thunder

War Thunder is a multiplayer shooter that puts you in charge of hundreds of World War II’s greatest fighting vehicles. You’ll fly airplanes in spectacular PvP dogfights and rumble around the battlefield in tanks, facing adversaries on many classic landscapes with different topography and strategic possibilities.

War Thunder may be played in various ways, from rapid arcade mode to competitive, realistic engagements. Battles earn you cash, which you may spend to improve your vehicles’ engines, weapons, and other improvements. War Thunder’s vehicles are based on WWII-era tanks and planes from many countries.

If you’re a fan of WoT, then you should definitely try the games listed above!


32 thoughts on “Top 5 MMOs That Would Be Good Alternatives to WoT

    1. Good alternatives to wot
      Lists WT and Crossout

      You’re gonna wanna rename this article to “games that also suck but in a different flavor than wot” if you’re gonna include shit like those.

  1. I rather play armour warfare than war thunder piece of shit.
    Although Panzer Knights is good and has many of the same features of WoT.
    WoT is a lost cause. Might as well call it World of Premium tanks on Mines Map.

  2. Why no mention of armored warfare, where the pve is fleshed out. I have a blast with just that mode. Sure pvp is dead, but the rng feels not as prevalent.

  3. except war thunder none of those games are tank based shooters . I think people need to start pushing wargaming to fix the match making . Stop saying oh you need to get good and maybe wonder why match making is so bad . Yes player skill is a big reason if you win and lose well the match maker isnt taking the biggest factor when making up the teams skill . So you get one team 9 out of 10 games that is so much better skill wise then the other . Then you add unbalanced tank match making . Add a few bots to one side and few stock tanks . Before a game starts look around and see how many stock tanks are on your team you can tell usually and then look at the enemy team maybe in the replay . Ill find one team has way more stock tanks then the other sometimes one side will have 6 stock tanks vs none . Match making IS the issue . You have 3 to 15 4 min blowouts bc the teams are so unbalanced skill and team wise .

  4. Just playing wot and not bothering to look to compare the teams and the players on those teams and then complaining that the games are so bad isnt right . Maybe actually look at what is right in front of you and that is the teams . Compare a few teams you might find that they are not even close to balanced and then compare the tanks we all know what tanks are good and what is trash well most of us . Get informed . Just calling players trash and not looking at the teams balance is crazy . If you really enjoy the game and many do put the time in to try and make it better . If you see something that shouldnt be like ghost shells or a shell that clearly misses your tank but still does damage or anything that isnt supposed to happen send in a ticket and force wargaming to explain it . The CCs see issues all the time on there streams and they just say the game is the game well no send a ticket tell your community and force wargaming to explain to us why that shell clearly missed but still did damage or when a tank is clearly not aiming at you and yet still does damage saw on streams and in game a few times

  5. Wargaming to this day says ghost shells dont exist . Why bc they been getting away with not having to explain any issue like that in the game for 10 years .

    1. They explained ghost shells several times, if you’re having it happen you need to verify your files, or possibly even fix something wrong with your computer, that’s all there is to it, I’ve not had a single ghost shell in the past 10K battles. They never denied it’s existence lol.

      1. Do you realise that the game is actually computed on the server and the client just sends player input commands to the server? A packet loss might cause this or some bug in their intersection tests but having corrupt game files will not cause this. Talking about intersection tests, they also need to sort out their terrain hitboxes, its rediculous how many times you hit the ridge when you actually aimed for the tank.

        1. Ghost shells are client side because they do fire and hit the target on the server side, it’s just visually hitting the ground for the client. Almost like thousands of people reporting fixing their files removed ghost shells can’t be wrong.

          It really is amazing how many people think server side is some kind of miracle cure-all, as an actual coder, I know full well it isn’t. Don’t call yourself “Truth” when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          1. Most people call us software developers, but sure, you can be a “coder”. It is still evident that you have no idea what you talk about. Maybe you’re one of those self-thought machos that didn’t have time to get a proper education?
            If the shells actually hit on the server then the client would get that information back from the server otherwise they would be out of sync. Sure, the client can mess up the information that gets sent in or out, but then you will most likely have far greater issues than only ghost shells. But yeah, let’s not reason from a logical perspective, that’s too complicated for you Mr. Coder, let’s instead just blindly look at how many thousands of people that reported the issue fixed.

        2. Game mechanics are actually good enough to account for the inaccuracy of some guns and gunner skills. Don’t know about ghost shells other than TD”s I can”t see.

  6. There’s no point discussing anything to do with team balancing on WOT forum.
    The wanker moderator just remove it into trash.
    Then the fan Bois call you a bitch for mentioning skill based matchmaking.
    It is NOT skillbased matchmaking it is skill balancing matchmaking.
    When the game starts within 1 minute you can tell if the game is win or lose.
    Even with win chance mod anything under 45% win chance is lost.
    I have seen games load with 13% win chance lmao

  7. There’s no point discussing anything to do with team balancing on WOT forum.
    The wanker moderator just remove it into trash.
    Then the fan Bois call you a cnut for mentioning skill based matchmaking.
    It is NOT skillbased matchmaking it is skill balancing matchmaking.
    When the game starts within 1 minute you can tell if the game is win or lose.
    Even with win chance mod anything under 45% win chance is lost.
    I have seen games load with 13% win chance lmao

  8. There’s no point discussing anything to do with team balancing on WOT forum.
    The w@nker moderator just remove it into trash.
    Then the fan Bois call you a ahole for mentioning skill based matchmaking.
    It is NOT skillbased matchmaking it is skill balancing matchmaking.
    When the game starts within 1 minute you can tell if the game is win or lose.
    Even with win chance mod anything under 45% win chance is lost.
    I have seen games load with 13% win chance lmao

  9. Warships…
    Man must be new! Never heard that one before!

    The writer must think his audience is <4?

    Like telling us bakers sell bread. wowy!

    1. And I was half-surprised it didn’t mention World of Warplanes as well.
      Still, out of five only one with tanks, and nowhere near arcade gameplay.

      Like, if I go by a search one steam I could make a better list:
      Tank Force, Modern Assault Tanks, Tanki Online…
      Dunno how alive those games are, but bob’s your uncle.

  10. WG should be grateful that these other options really are not that good otherwise I don’t think that WoT would still be so popular today.

  11. Anything is better than WOT. It has it’s chance to be the greatest game in the world but Russian greed got in the way. Now they are so blinded by it that they don’t have a clue that the end is at the door.

  12. Should rename “world of tanks” to “world of premium tanks on mines map”
    Skill team balancing is needed. Not skill based match making.
    You can tell within 1 minute of the battle is win or lose

  13. Is “Armored Warfare” even accessible at the current time? Would I want to play a game where the main server is (so I understand) in Russia? This is speaking as someone who actually invested a fair amount of time in the game at the start, and was playing it sporadically as late as last year.

    In as much as retirement is in sight for me, I’m thinking of taking up “No Man’s Sky,” and might return to WoWs.

    I might be too tanked out for WT, but I do like the look of their modern vehicles.

    As for WoT, I still play it quite a lot, but I’m mostly hanging around to see what stupid thing happens next!

  14. crossout is great but it is already dead, it takes way too much to get into a game,dreadnought has a terrible balance and lacks content, warthunder armor and bullet mechanics are so poorly made it is so damn frustrating to play and it is funny because it makes the game more unrealistic than wot even it has more focus on realism

  15. Alternatives to WoT:

    Dreadnought: Buggy hell and dead playerbase

    Crossout: Pretty fun but very low playerbase

    Titanfall 2: A Pay2Play game, FP-Shooter, Masterpiece of a campaign, but also sometimes quite low multiplayer players

    Warthunder: Yeah, active playerbase, actually an alternative (not sure if youre gonna be happy there but at least its a good mention)

    World of Warships: Endless cashgrab, but fun to play and actually an alternative

    Not mentioned, but noteworthy (going by the style of the article) as “alternative”:

    Armored Warfare (not sure why you actually want to play this)

    Escape from Tarkov

    Borderlands 2 and 3

    No Mans Sky

    GTA Online

    Monster Hunter World

    Whatever is on my steam list with more than 20h

  16. Since when is Titanfall 2 an MMO? Only one tank game listed. Who is this clown that made this article? Do not invite them for guest articles ever again.

    1. Since the “clown” in question is the site owner, I don’t think that you’re gonna be rid of them for awhile!

  17. World of Warships is a much superior game for many years already. WoT is dying fastly and no longer worth to invest time or any money (unless they remove gold ammo)

    1. I appreciate your suggestion but I did try WOWS and i did not like it. Also other friends that play WOT and then play WOWS did not like the recent changes they made in WOWS.

      In the other hand who cares about Gold ammo when cancer wheels are going around in a super stupid way? thats way more problematic than Premium ammo

      I really does not care about gold ammo or gold spammers WOT has other serious problems (wheels, maps, chieftains etc).

      I try Blitz; it got lower dmg for gold ammo and still not a superior game than PC WOT.

      PC wot is descent game i like it but WG is never fixing its problems they avoid to make a real rework on wheels instead they just nerf a few things

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