30 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Adjustments To American Tanks

  1. uhhhhh… buffing the cupola thickness on the M103 to 200mm is not a buff wargaming, now people are just going to shoot more gold at it???

      1. youre thinking of the rest of the turret roof armor, not the cupola, which is currently 109mm thick

  2. well, wasn’t this the plan in the first place?

    all in all the changes seem reasonable. especially T32 looks much better noch. the nerf to T29 is not nice, but understandable. that thing can be a bunker on tier 7 (which is not at all changed by the nerfs, you just can now fight back much worse).

  3. I think it’s okay to make the aiming circle as good as the conqueror.

    1. Those are coming, just later down the line, m44 is only included with the heavy branch buff cause it’s actually broken and toxic.

      1. Oomfie, i need the M44 like a lot of people to unlock the StuG IV, T28 HTC, T-55A and the Object 260.

        Let’s do a thing: If i can’t finish the StuG IV SPG missions in 1 month due to the M44 nerfs, you can say goodbye to 300€ from your bank account. And i won’t care if you can’t pay your bills nor buy food, as you took responsability of your own words.

        Pray so i can do it, maybe the 300€ transforms into 500€…

        1. Get the 212a instead, it’s a gwe100 but a tier lower with like 50 less average damage per shot, it’s how I got the 260 and 279e.

        1. Haha, that’s funny. That’s why you see 3 of them in every team , at tier 6, because isn’t broken?

          1. Most usage doesnt mean it is broken. Ask yourself to find some other reasons. And also go and check the monthly stats and compare all the tier 6 SPGs. Thanks.

            1. Yes it is, because otherwise you will see people playing different arty, not just m44.

            2. Okay, done:
              The M44 has the highest win rate, and the highest wn8 even still after it has been nerfed (as of Sept 03, the 1.18 nerf dropping on Aug 22).

              On top of that, it has the highest number of players (21,400 over the Hummel), and has more games played on average by 50.

              It is doing this, even with the handicap of being known as “The Easy Arty” to do okay with. This draws people who are less experienced at playing artillery to the vehicle, but it still out performs the competition.

              Why does it out perform? Because it is easy. It has the second highest ~155mm rate of fire, the most ~155mm ammunition (allowing you the freedom to just send it on risky shots, unlike the Hummel that has only 18 shells), it has the best aim time of the ~155mm gun artillery, and it has no penalty to is bloom on gun traverse. That last point being problematic, as the M44 has the biggest gun traverse range, by far. This, being the crux of the issue: The M44 had no downtime. It rarely had to traverse the vehicle itself, so it rarely had to deal with that double-bloom, it aimed faster than everyone else but the FV304, and you don’t even need to aim fully, because a half aimed shot at a target before they get into cover, is always going to hit more often than not taking that shot at all. The M44 could afford to take those risky shots, because it has literally double the ammunition of the Hummel, and 10/11 more shells than either the Su-8 or the AMX F3.

              So, what does it give up for all of these good features? It hits the lightest of the ~155mm guns. It has the lowest stun time, and it’s gun traverse speed is the slowest. None of which really counter-balances its benefits.

              But yeah, when a specific vehicle is considered the “Go-to easy mode”? It is usually overpowered.

    1. Come on, man, you have to admit, it was OP as fuck. It was the only tier 7 tank with you could kick those poor tier 9 tanks asses 😁. It will still be powerful even with the nerfs .

        1. NO! Not my account! Please , don’t do that! What will i do without my account? 😆

  4. Wg being p2w wg.. Like how diablo immortal was… His game went down the shitter and wg wants to keep putting in the hulldown shit in low tiers… Fucking toxic… Id rather get nailed by arty then have to deal with shit like this… Press 2…

    1. Unfortunately, Lef is a premium, so it will not be nerfed….I wish, but they will not nerf it.

      1. no it will not get the pen buff, they use different guns.
        T29 deserves it because was overperforming and it will be still overperforming compared with other tier 7 heavies
        On the other hand the T32 buff is also more than deserved with the last buffs its descent enought with this buffs will be a great tank

        1. I agree, T29 is OP and those nerfs are necessary and it will still be good. But i still wish they at least give it pen, because of the current MM. Sure, it will not get the pen buff, but i can still wish… Oh well, at lest they give T32 a pen buff, that’s good. It really deserves it.

  5. T29 is doing well only it can go hull down. Otherwise any gun it meets will make swiss cheese out of it.

  6. Doesn’t matter what any players say or think, WH will still do what they want, when they want and how they want it’s still a game of either give all ur wake hours to grind and play and/or pay to win, rather play something from Elder Scrolls than this money pit , so u rich guys or kids using daddy’s credit card have fun Fuck War Gaming

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