Wargaming No Longer Owns Lesta Studio

As of the previous week, WARGAMING GROUP LIMITED is no longer the owner of LESTA LLC or an associated company, and also has no profit from it.

The current CEO (formerly the head of the legal entity) Malik Khatazhaev became the owner of Lesta Studio.

Let’s see how these changes will affect the CIS WoT/WoWS, which will be developed by the St. Petersburg Lesta Studio.

Source: WOT Express

15 thoughts on “Wargaming No Longer Owns Lesta Studio

  1. So does this mean WG will actually listen to NA/EU players? I hope as hell because it sounds like we’re the ones responsible for their paychecks…

  2. I hope it’s only related to money and business. If the game development of the two regions is separated… It can be good or bad. No one knows.

    1. WG has divested from the Russian market by transferring the licensing to a new company called LESTA LLC. As such, WG now only has EU, NA and SEA divisions while independent operators now separately run CN and CIS licensed versions of WOT and WOWS.

      To put it even more bluntly, WG no longer operates in the Russian market region.

  3. Does this mean RU will be a separate entity like CHN?

    Let’s hope this will make WG focus on EU as the new “main” server (since supertest is now an EU thing) and give due importance to NA and SEA.

    1. We should’ve seen changes already, if any were to happen, so I doubt we’ll see major hiccups down the line. Next patch is scheduled for July 14 and there have been no postponement announcements so far.

  4. RIP account transfer from faggo-ru region.. All those years and loot – all gone for good now. Great news – just great. This is a really special spit on all the Ukrainians that used to play(and support) this game there.

  5. I’m pretty sure this is just to avoid future sanctions, practically nothing will change, the Russian servers will most likely receive the same updates just like SEA, maybe some minor differences like skipping a Russian tank nerf.

  6. It’s funny. All the devs are now Lesta, so nothing will change as they are the ones developing the game, not WG. Lesta was suppose to be a shell company, but it’s actually WG who is shelling and will have no say in game development

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