WoT: Steel Hunter AMA with Game Designer Daniil Shek

A member of the Steel Hunter Development team, Game Designer Daniil Shek, will be answering some questions about the mode.

Q1. Will Steel Hunter be available as a permanent mode with or without upgrades and changes to the mode?

A1. We are currently working towards this question. We have few ideas about the mode’s future, and currently we are collecting all the data to make decisions. So it’s a mystery even to us 🙂

Q2. How is the loot distributed on the maps?

A2. That’s a pretty simple one, anywhere you can drive your tank loot can be spawned. The system tries to distribute the loot randomly between those places every wave of loot spawns.

Q3. Why do all SH tanks start very slow and sluggish unlike tanks in Random mode that can be researched and upgraded with modules? Makes the start of the mode very slow.

A3. It depends on its class. The light and medium based tanks do not feel slow at the beginning of the battle. We are balancing tanks not as vehicle which stay the same from the beginning to the end, as every game has its own phase. Some of them are powerful at the beginning in one way but have a disadvantage in others, so its a trade-off for some classes. And one more thing to mention, it also helps ensure all players get an opportunity to get involved in the battle.

Q4. When will Raven be balanced? Tank is the strongest in the SH meta now

A4. As a follow-up to the previous question where we mentioned the different phases of the battle, we monitor the stats over all of these phases. This has so far confirmed the Raven’s design and uniqueness in that it stays sustainable in all phases of the battle. If you look at statistics, it’s a flat line from the beginning to the end by its chances of winning.

Q5. Are we planning to add a Rank system and more rewards to Steel Hunter instead of just a temporary mode to change from Random battles?

A5. As we said, we are now currently working on the future of the mode to decide what we will do next. But let us evaluate what we have done so far for this launch. We didn’t want to force you to play our event for its fancy rewards, but instead, we want to give you an alternative way to play our great game! One of the ways we did this by trying to make it closer to Random battles in terms of economics, where there is not that much of a special reward economy as we have known it previously.

Q6. Are we planning to return the main rewards to the mode like the first iteration instead of linking it to the Battle Pass?

A6. As we mentioned above, we are trying to avoid forcing people to play the mode and making it so people only play it because they enjoy it.

Q7. Do we have any plans to add variations to Steel Hunter mode like the removed mode Rampage?

A7. We are currently collecting data and feedback from the community, to figure out what we can do next. So your question will be used as evidence that the community wants something like that 🙂

Q8. Are we planning to make a ranked mode and SH tournament for players to participate in?

A8. Currently, there are a few tournaments we set up from time to time. Even now, at tankfest, you can see this. We see players are enjoying the competitive side of the mode, so we try to work further with such types of activities

Q9. Last year of steel hunter green drop gives consumables and orange ammo, why you decide to switch colours this year?

A9. It happened because of tweaks to the loot systems. We had a few discussions, on which loot will have which items, and it seemed logical to us to put “healings” in green loot, while orange would be used for other powerful stuff.

Q10. Is it possible to add the “auto fill platoon” feature from RB battles to SH platoons? It should help form more platoons to fill up the queue.

A10. Playing in a platoon of 2 people in a highly competitive mode which requires you to communicate, making it more punishing to play with random people where communication may not come as easily isn’t ideal. But yeah, it seems logical to me to elaborate more on platoon interactions in the future.

Q11. Sometimes, if you have 0 yellow ability usages, you will keep getting repair kits only, when collecting yellow circles. Is it a bug or a feature? (Maybe skill balance ???)

A11. For this update we decided to change the “loot drops list” from loot pick-ups, to make them more predictable and useful at all stages of the battle. For example, it’s easier to predict which item will drop in yellow drops, when there are almost 2 (+ ultimate which everybody wants to get) of possible ones, then at least 3. Yeah, different items have different chances to drop and repair kits have a slightly (just a little) higher chance to drop in yellow loots, but there is no hidden mechanic, to be honest.

Q12. Why did you decide to remove the red triangle on varyag mines?

A12. Well, Varyag never had triangles on the mines for enemies. Mines shouldn’t be detected that easily, that is what mines were designed for 🙂

Q13. You use k-means centroid algorithm for the location of blue airdrops or its random?

A13. For this launch, we decided to change the airdrop spawn algorithm, so it creates more spots of interest during the battle in different places of the map. You mentioned k-means centroid algorithm, which looks similar, but is much easier on calculations. We made a few additions to this algorithm, for it not to be so easy to predict other players’ locations.

7 thoughts on “WoT: Steel Hunter AMA with Game Designer Daniil Shek

  1. For me, good and fun mode. Its fair to say some tanks in SH are more competitive than others, but I was able to be 1st with each of them. Being an underdog and finishing first was fun challange in itself.

    I see quite a few players on forums saying this mode is terrible etc. But when you see their stats you know they are just bad players that dont have teammates to carry them. To me the mode has healthy playerbase and such players can freely stay out of it.

    1. I have to agree. I think people expect it to be more like normal World of Tanks when in reality it is a significantly different game that only shares some core mechanics.

      So to somebody who just drops in to check it out it is probably quite overwhelming with all the differences and all the things that are going on. And they will probably get a negative impression based on that and come to the conclusion that the gamemode is terrible.

      In reality it does a lot of things right that main WoT doesn’t. The gameplay is very dynamic. You don’t fight around the same chokepoint all the time like in normal WoT. Also there is no P2W (ingame) and no gold ammo. Either you get more pen and shell velocity or you get more damage. And tanks have weakspots. For example in Steelhunter the Kranvagn Turret has a sizable and weak cupola on top.

      What it needs is some sort of tutorial to teach the core mechanics and differences from main WoT. So a new player won’t be as lost. When you are still actively trying to figure out what upgrade to use or what this consumable does you are not paying attention to your surrounding, which, though, is among the most important things.

      Also looking at the upgraded tanks in the garage would be helpful. In normal WoT it is possible. Why not in Steelhunter?

      1. You put it down very well. I agree it should be developed much farther. Possibilities are there

  2. Sadly boring (meh) and unrewarding. Not being able to use own tanks in garage and crews like in special modes like 7v7 and Frontlines makes this the least attractive mode for me. I don’t mind the concept, but its not fun once the newness of the mode wore off (after 2019 – when it also had great rewards). I still think FL and 7v7 have been the best special modes developed over the years, and deserve development resources and a permanent place in the queue (at least over the weekends for some casual gameplay). Randoms are just so boring after 11 years. I stopped playing Randoms and couldn’t care for the same 15v15 mode having played it a gazzillion times over 10+ years. Game needs a fresh mode in addition to Randoms, and not one that does not use our 100s of tanks in the garage.

  3. If there’s one thing this mode is good for, it’s cheating. Players can rig the hell out of the mode to win. Get rid of it and give us more Front Lines

  4. I only play frontline.
    Forget randoms and steel Hunter scam mode.
    No random battle for me since November 2021. WOT is a joke in gaming community.

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