WoT ST: SMV CC-67 Changes

Yesterday, the WoT Supertest also included modifications to the gun for the upgraded Tier 8
🇮🇹SMV CC-67 Italian Tank Destroyer.

SMV CC-67 ( 🇮🇹Italy, Tier-8, clip size increased from 3 to 5 rounds).
Turret 1/2 Gun 1 (Stock)

• Special Round: from HEAT to APCR
• Armor penetration by AP shell: from 225 to 170mm
• Armor penetration by AP shell at 500m: from 210 to 160mm
• Armor penetration by APCR shell: from 310 to 212mm
• Armor penetration by APCR shell at 500m: 183mm
• HE shell penetration: from 105 to 53mm
• AP shell initial flight speed: from 1,155 to 903m/s
• APCR shell initial flight speed: from 800 to 1,186m/s
• HE shell initial flight speed: from 800 to 827m/s
• AP shell damage: from 360 to 320
• APCR damage: from 360 to 320
• HE damage: from 440 to 420
• Average damage per minute: from 1,908 to 1,696
• Average HE damage per minute from: 2,332 to 2,226
• AP projectile cost: from 930 to 550 credits
• APCR cost: from 4,800 to 4,400 credits
• HE projectile cost: from 1,120 to 750 credits

Source: WOT Express

6 thoughts on “WoT ST: SMV CC-67 Changes

    1. Nope they just make is the same as T7 top gun and I think there’s another 1 105 pre top if I’m not mistaken.

      1. Hopefully, I enjoy it when wg actually adds multiple ways to build a vehicle like with multiple top guns to choose from

  1. Anyone remembers how it was to grind the T28 Prototype coming from the T25/2, with the 170 pen 90mm? Guess WG thinks that stuff is fun.

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