Which of the withdrawn maps would you personally like to return to the game?

Let's find out which of the maps are the most wanted to come back.

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Sacred Valley

Hidden Village
Dragon Ridge
South Coast

30 thoughts on “Which of the withdrawn maps would you personally like to return to the game?

  1. I think “Sacred Valley” is the most viable but I was always fond of “Port;” mostly because it reminds me of my home town in the United States (Cleveland, Ohio).

    1. Honestly just keep them the same size. Them removing all small maps and making everything 1k x 1k is already annoying enough.

  2. Stalingrad for the banger music and theme, Sacred Valley for the general balance and fun factor.

    1. Old kharkov? a city only usefull for heavies? i mean i am okey if WG make that map only for heavies and good armor TDs, or let me block 15 maps

      the reworked kharkov (now removed) was way better

  3. I want to be the Heroe of the WINDSTORMMMM!!
    Sacred is nice too. HIdden Village was like black and white – map. lovely
    I dont get why those were removed.

    but they kept fucking port and such

  4. An important discussion about wot: 5-10 comments
    A simple votation about maps that probably wont come back: close to 400 hundred :”v

  5. What a bad implementation of a poll! If everyone votes for every map, the results will show 8,25%!

  6. Severogorsk – I even had to google it, as it was stored in some very deep layer of my brain, but now when I remember, it was not such a bad map at all.
    My personal favorites are South Coast and Swamp, hell even Komarin was fun. I don’t know, why people hated them so much, but I had the greatest games in them back in the day. Windstorm and Sacred Valley also were not bad maps. Even that low tier Mittengard was hell of a fun occasionally.
    The only really bad one from all of these is Dragon Ridge, as it was the most “corridorish” map of them all, and basically only one third part of the map was playable!
    But more than these removed maps I would like to have back the old versions of Erlenberg, Province and as someone already mentioned – Kharkov.
    Btw, Kharkov and Minsk could also be added to this list now.

  7. I don’t understand the votes for Hidden Village. It is exactly the same problematic mapdesign philosophy as all the new maps. Half the map inaccesable because of a giant mountain, heavytank chokepoint, TD camper spots, no room for LTs, an awkward village with questionable cover. Static and boring.
    The general public hated it when it was introduced (and even back then called for the return of dragon ridge…). It really was not a good map.

  8. Well, I voted Komarin, but my experience of Dragon RIdge was not that bad, too.

    Compared to most current maps those old ones were IMHO not really bad or at least not worse than stuff like Berlin or Minsk.

    and to be honest: Just bring them all back. this would increase the map rotation and you would not end up all day long on the same maps.

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