Update 1.17: 3D Style “Varanus” for Object 780 – More Pictures

A handful of 3D style photos for the Soviet Object 780. The style is treated as historical, valued at 3,000 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: Object 780.

— The whole office is watching football already. And who has to be on duty today? Berentsev! ‘We’ll tell you what happens, Berentsev!’ ‘There’s just an hour’s work here, Berentsev!’ You go, Berentsev! At least they didn’t turn the lights off in here… Or lock me in like last time, when everyone went to the 403rd plant to approve the documents. With only Earl Grey for sustenance. They’re sorry, they say—yeah right! Gave me comp days off and promised me a swanky spot at a health resort. I’ll need some real medical care thanks to this paint job—I already feel dizzy. It’ll be on me if I mix up some numbers or skip one and ruin the whole batch. And they just had to delay the delivery, of course. Here’s hoping I finish by morning…if I haven’t finished myself by then with all these stencils. Watching football, huh? Must be real fun. ‘Just an hour’s work, Berentsev!’ Sure, sure! It took me just an hour to clean this paint spray gun that was probably used in Octavian times to paint Roman gates or something.

And I still need to think of a name… This can’t be sent to the bases with the factory index that we came up with ourselves.

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