WoT – Release Of New Maps In 2022-2023

Here is the official plan from the Map Developers of the release of new maps on the basis of the next 1.5 years.

• Map: “Outpost” – release in September this year [patch 1.18].

• Map: “Oyster Bay” – release in early 2023.

We are only talking about maps for random battles.

So far, nothing has been said about the return of Kharkov and Minsk maps.

14 thoughts on “WoT – Release Of New Maps In 2022-2023

  1. as usual
    new content implemented same time as the sun expands
    from 1000 projects only 2 gets in the supertest only to be abandoned because its broken
    world of tanks is a company that bleeds money for the sake of development
    these pussyes are afraid to make changes so instead they opt out the changes of the game for the sake of the money, what they do not know is that u anounce big change and then you abandon it
    thats the path to doom
    Enjoy wot, as it last, it won’t last more than maximum 3-4 years

    1. Three to four years is very optimistic. I’d give them two years, maybe three if the planets align just right.

  2. Wow i that is true 1 map every 4 years. So that means we see all the new maid by 2050. When all the wot will have long died lol

  3. Well from my experience almost 9 years playing WOT (less and less and even less) new Maps yeah right, hey look in the sky is that a pig flying!
    Ans if we get a New Map its gonna be another shitter stinker of a Map

    Minsk & Berlin & Pearl River lol f*** nothing like Pearl River!! there the newest shitters Maps to the game
    Minsk was/is always a disaster of a Map ………. all for ‘special place in the dev’s hearts” Belarus dumbasses

    Heavy Tank maps jeez WG grow some f*** brains listen to your community and players its nor hard to listen y’know

    .. yeah these 2 Maps shown aren’t City shitters i know ~ but lets wait and see how they get “modified for comfort playing” then surprise! less Trees, less bushes, less cover, more wide open wasted spaces .. and lots of Buildings everywhere (for comfort play you understand da ..

  4. 1.5 years …. for 2 maps, i cant belive that the freaking company is running a minimal crew in developing the game …… or they turned the efforts to ships since seems to give more money since they sell commanders with skills points

  5. Part of the fun imo is/was secret or trick spots of the maps. Getting to places your not thinking about.

  6. I think when they redo a map they always make it worse. Go back to the originals and no more re skins

  7. As much effort as WG seems to have put into new maps it’s disappointing that so little is forthcoming.

  8. Disgusting, its obvious WG is the most dishonest enterprise in the world but… almost 2 years for those 2 shit maps? Im wondering if those incompetent guys are getting paid, and if they are, what for?
    The way those brain damaged ones do the things with WoT, makes me wonder, they must be incompetent hungry ex soviets for real… Jesus, what a disaster…

  9. I think all developers are autists not artists.
    So they have no fucking idea what they doing

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