18 thoughts on “FV4201 Chieftain Prototype Spotted on EU

  1. Old news, the Chieftain Proto was added IIRC in the second iteration of the common test for 1.17.

  2. Yesterday I had a Udarniy tank in enemy team. Map was glacier.
    If important I can check for the replay and send proof. Sever was EU2

    1. Super tester on EU now, so it’s not surprising that you’ll start to see some of those vehicles around

  3. So that pretty much means no tech tree right… it will be a reward or something similar.

      1. It’s a tier 9, it’s more than likely either a premium or a ranked reward.

        1. It was confirmed in the Russian Forum of World of Tanks that the Chieftain Proto is the next Tier IX Maraton tank. It will start on 1st July 2022 and end on July 11th 2022.

          1. That’ll most likely be a ranked reward, it’s not even actually got that amazing of stats tbh, it’s fairly standard as far as RU heavies go

    1. Do they really…. I guess the good people of Chiraq and a few other liberal cities didnt get the memo

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