6 thoughts on “WoT Blitz – Coming Soon! Crack the Secrets of the Upcoming Update!

  1. the profiles of the new “low” tier Japanese heavy tanks are interesting
    T5 Mitsu 108 » sort of T-28/T-35
    T6 Ju-Nu » T-34-85 with a German 88
    T7 Ju-To » turret profile looks like the turret from a Tiger I, overall looks like a hypothetical Chi-Se prototype/early design
    T8, 9 and 10 look exactly with what was expected

      1. I think replacement is better. WG cannot seem to balance it properly and barely anyone plays them, especially the last two tier vehicles. So just get rid of them.

        1. I’m not arguing if it is better or worse, only stating it is unlikely the Type 5 will be removed, after all the super heavies play towards WGs GOLD-centric in-game economy and there will always be new players trying them out

          1. Good point about its role in promoting the gold-centric economy. It is sad that the game has come to this low…

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