2 thoughts on “Update 1.17: ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ TS-54 In-game Pictures

  1. There are so many paper and model projects that actually existed they could use and not to resort to making things up at Serbs Make Believe Dept.

    1. it is likely fake but we cannot be sure, it is a fact that the US Ordnance Department did study the feasibility of multiple barrel tanks and it is also a fact no one can guarantee every design buried in the US archives has been revealed/found, we even have a couple of cases where information from American concepts is actually found outside the US
      – documentation for Yoh tanks found in the British archives
      – documentation for Concept 1B found in the Swedish archives, a concept developed after the MBT-70 but that neither Hunnicutt or anyone else wrote about
      additionally I don’t believe all of the Question Mark Conference concepts have been published, we know there were at least 31 TS concepts (TS-1 to TS-31=predecessor to T110), but it is possible a few further developments were discussed on the one conference focused on self-propelled artillery/anti-air systems, or it could simply be fake

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