WoT: April 28 Micropatch

Tomorrow, April 28, a small update will be released. Game servers and the clan portal will be unavailable from 05:00 to 05:45 (CET).
[Mods for the game will NOT crash!]


• In the Art of Strategy 1vs7 mode, the number of AT Guns, Flamethrowers and MG Turrets that the Strategist can deploy will increase from 4 to 5.
• In the Art of Strategy mode, Airfield and Steppes maps will be disabled.

3 thoughts on “WoT: April 28 Micropatch

  1. lol what xD buffs for the strategist.. I haven’t lost a single game with 4 flame, 4 mg and 2 tur xD but i don’t mind xD

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