10 thoughts on “WoT Console: Remastered Dragon Ridge

    1. The average PC player can’t figure out where to go on Himmelsdorf or Ensk, I hate WG for how stale the maps are but I cannot blame them for making everything corridors.

        1. WG should prevent retard inexperient players from grinding up the tiers, but they are too incompetent for this and greedy too, cause of course you can buy premium vehicles and go right after tier 8 or 9.
          Why not practice an Experience politic?
          you should gather more XP playing the current tier you are or more vehicles from this same tier and different classes and only after it you evolve.
          Its complete pointless get fktard players with 3k battles on account playing only brain damaged heavy or medium soviets.
          But at last… WG is too incompetent and lazy for this… I wonder if WG even pays their employees, cause these arent working at all, or doing just what WG expects…
          Nice job anyway, I hope those fktards have another money fountain, cause WoT cow has bleed enough…

          1. WG will never do that and you know it, your rant is pointless. World of Tanks is a pay2play freemium so the more players join and spend money on it, the better – that is and will always be the primary goal of WG as a business. They couldn’t care less about the skill level of their customers, as long as there’s enough purples to keep clanwar and tournaments alive everyone else can be a 30% bot for all they care, as long as all tiers are populated.

  1. Oh we see 18 maps on super test and 1 released in 2 years.
    So you never know we might see this map in 2048

  2. It has dragons ridge in its name, but thats it.
    Hole map is flat asf compared to the old dragons ridge map.
    Looks plain boring to me. Thanks i ll pass this one -_-

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