“Art of Strategy” Known Issues

According to wotexpress the mode itself starts today at 15:00 CET, but for now, here is a list of already known bugs that will not be corrected by the developers.

This is the current list of known issues in Art of Strategy mode. If you encounter other problems, please contact us.
• Damage received from defense is displayed as damage received from ramming.
• Players may not be able to take control of vehicles during Art of Strategy battles if the Q button is assigned to a control in the game settings.
• If the countdown before the battle ends while the Strategist is in the middle of deploying defensive structures, the cursor will display the defense icon and text during the battle.
• The hit points bar for destroyed defenses briefly turns red when it first appears on the screen.
• When trying to move vehicles to the top of a building, the Lost City map will show a path through the building, even if it is not accessible.
• When placing defensive structures during the pre-combat countdown, for some positions on the maps “Mines” and “Airfield” the firing ranges of anti-tank and MLRS are not displayed.
• The “Esc” button does not work properly in the following event interfaces – event mode selection, Strategist vehicle carousel, and daily tasks widget.
• Rare issue where Attack commands do not work.
• A rare issue where tutorial mode cannot be completed as the AI controlled vehicle cannot destroy the Tower. In this case, restart the workout.

One thought on ““Art of Strategy” Known Issues

  1. Also, you cannot use the cursor to move the camera by moving it to the edge of the screen if it touches the minimap. You can’t make up WG’s retarded level of incompetence…

    In addition, in my last AoS battle one TD fell to its side and a Med drowned itself while I wasn’t watching. WG programming at its finest.

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