World of Tanks Monopoly Available Now

World of Tanks Monopoly has just “passed Go” and is now available for purchase exclusively in the Wargaming Store! Transfer your mastery of strategy, scheming, and economy from the battlefield to the board, and take control to claim the ultimate bragging rights. Your favorite WoT maps, mighty vehicles, and endless enjoyment await, so what are you waiting for?

Pick up your own World of Tanks Monopoly in the Wargaming Store, and start building your offline empire!

More Information

  • What’s the Same?

World of Tanks Monopoly has been personalized to be the perfect collectible for all tank and board game enthusiasts. But some features remain the same as the conventional board, including:

  • The object and rules of the game: Many players like to devise their own “house rules”. That’s fine, but World of Tanks Monopoly is so fun that you won’t need to bend the rules!
  • Property cards: All the values are the same as the corresponding properties in classic Monopoly.
  • 4 corner squares: Go, Jail, Free Parking, and Go Directly to Jail still remain.
  • What’s New?

  • The game board: The action on the board is the same, but you buy locations from World of Tanks.
  • Transit points: Travel spaces now cover transit points.
  • RNG cards: Chance cards have been renamed RNG cards.
  • Bases and strongholds: Houses and hotels are now bases and strongholds.
  • Headquarters: Utilities are now headquarters.
  • Shell Restock and Vehicle Repairs: Tax spaces are now Shell Restock and Vehicle Repairs.

Before starting, you can pick from the following pieces (known as “tokens” in our version):

  • Strv 103B
  • IS-7
  • T95
  • Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
  • FV215b (183)
  • Maus
  • What’s in the Box?

  • 1 game board
  • 28 Title Deed cards
  • 16 RNG cards
  • 16 Community Chest cards
  • 6 tokens
  • 1 pack of Monopoly money
  • 32 bases
  • 12 strongholds
  • 2 dice

26 thoughts on “World of Tanks Monopoly Available Now

  1. Everybody: FIX THE F**ING MM AND RNG
    Absolutely nobody:
    WG: Ok, we heard you. We shall release a WOT monopoly

      1. Sorry Bro. I didnt know you get paid for defending WG developers. BTW, nobody told anything about them but about WG.
        But keep shooting the wrong one. Is free and maybe It could help you with your middle age crisis.

          1. Oh. That really hurt. An insult, that even coming from a mental pauper, has been subtle and sharp.

            1. Very accurate comments indeed. Just WG making more shit to try to gather more money… nothing new under the sun… And anyone who tries to deny this RNG/MM Disaster should be spanked with a dead cat, and only being stopped from spanking if this cat meows.

      2. No they aren’t, but upper management is responsible for EVERYTHING and they aren’t even paying attention to what people are saying needs to be fixed (for a LONG time). So the OP is still correct in his post.

        Also note that the OP stated “WG” not “developers”, maybe learn some reading comprehension before replying like “yet another donkey brained retard”.

  2. Everybody complaining about RNG & MM.

    GIT – GUD

    Only losers and crybabies whine about the RNG & MM.
    Winner’s try the best they can and move on. And at the end they go home and peg the Prom Queen.

        1. The only players crying about mm and rng are the 48 to 49% players who are now losing more and more.
          Because they have always been carried by better players.
          Those better players no longer play so those 48% will lose more now.
          And all wheeled vehicles players are shitty

    1. Sounds more like you peg with your right hand night and day. No ofense.

      1. You don’t understand the reverence to that saying. Why don’t you Google that!
        Like i said. You’re not the brightest candle.

  3. WG is so desperate they are paying brain damaged kids and arty players to defend them and their rigged systems… Disgusting and annoying.

      1. Go on, do your job, applause WG greedy while they applause your dumbness, they must love the echo inside that head at least.

  4. “Hurr Duurrr, then leave, cause Im an arrogant dumb boot licker and you cant talk about the rigged game which I love to pay to play on my moms basement”
    Go get a life and stop being a deceive for humanity, brain damaged one.

  5. I know how hard things are in your country life but… stop eating shit, aint good for your health.
    Just like you said, try to Git Gud.

    1. Quit the country life, was not an easy choice, it’s not for me. I had nothing to post on that specific day

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