WoT Console: New Premium Tank: SU-152 “Taran”

A super hard-hitting and fast turreted Tank Destroyer the Soviet Tier X SU-152 “Taran”.
Built in 1965 using the 152.4mm M-69 Taran rifled gun (which gives this tank its name), only one prototype of the Soviet Tier X SU-152 “Taran” Tank Destroyer exists.

Price of the Cheapest Bundle from April 19th: 22.915 Gold

  • Speed Limit: 63 km/h
  • Penetration: 303/395/90
  • Damage: 950/950/1200
  • Hit Points: 1850
  • Engine Power: 480hp
  • Power/weight ratio: 17.73
  • Gun Depression: -5 deg
  • Gun Elevation:  +15 deg
  • Aim Time:  2.70 sec
  • Accuracy: 0.37
  • Rate of Fire: 3.26 Rounds/min
  • Reload time: 18.4 s
  • Max Ammo Capacity:  44 rounds
  • View Range:  390m

10 thoughts on “WoT Console: New Premium Tank: SU-152 “Taran”

    1. Hey KSA! Do you know who will be taking over WoT PC develpment? Is it the WoT Console team?

        1. Considering how console messed up their game the last few patches. I’m good. But I doubt WG Seattle will take over PC considering all the studios in Europe already doing WOT PC stuff.

      1. Hello xXCh1coriaXx. WoTs RU server is going to be maintained by “Lesta Studio” who are working on World of Warships as well. But I guess apart from the company change, the current developers are going to keep their positions.

        and EU/NA/ASIA servers are still being kept by WG.

      2. It’ll probably still be the same WoT PC team, just physically relocated out of Belarus.

    2. Thing to keep in mind about tanks made by the console dev team. They usually keep what they make for themself. The list of tanks they have added, that we don’t have is not small. So I would not get my hopes up.

  1. Lesta Studio is just a name for legal purposes.
    There declared revenue is 3,000 euros lol

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