WoT: Another 15 Controversial Tanks From The Past (part2)

Thank you guys for your constructive feedback to the previous post.
Here and there might be some mistakes, correct me if I’m wrong.

Number 15 – IS-2

Almost all IS variants have the same stats and similarities. But back in the day it was not like this.
In patch 0.8.2 Chinese heavies were added to the game and in tier7 the IS-2 represented them. It was packed with an insane 300mm penetration HEAT round. It was able to pick up the fight with any tier9 tanks. Tier to tier it owned one of the strongest ammo in the game and it didn’t stay like this for a long time. WG nerfed its HEAT ammo to 250mm pen in patch 0.8.8.

Number 14 – M41 Walker Bulldog

A big light tank rebalance took place in 2014. New high tier light tanks were added to the game in patch 0.9.3. It introduced the tier7 M41 Walker Bulldog. With a 10 round autoloader it was no joke to deal against. It could single clip nearly everything from tier6 to tier8. With 150 alpha and 2 seconds intraclip it dealt 1500dmg from a single clip. From randoms to eSport it was everywhere at the time.
Nothing lasts forever. In patch 0.9.6 it got slightly nerfed than the clip size got reduced to 6 rounds in patch 0.9.18
And in patch the autoloader option for it got completely removed.

Number 13 – Hetzer

A true low tier beast. With its 410alpha HE shells and average mobility. When it gets top tier it dominates the battle to this day. Back in the days when it met more low-armored targets with the old HP system it 1 shot everything. And because of the +100mm effective upper plate nearly nothing could go through it.

Number 12 – ELC AMX

Released in patch 0.7.5 with the camo values of a TD, speed of a light and a decent 90mm gun. Who would forget this tier5 French Scout? For many players this tank used to be the pinnacle of light tanks. It had a 248mm APCR shell which could penetrate even the strongest tier8 tanks frontally. Combined with the high concealment% it was very effective. Because of the low HP (only 320) and paper armor this tank had a huge skill ceiling. After getting nerfed in patch 0.9.18 it lost its glory.

Number 11 – Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J

In the beginning. This tank was given as a gift at GamesCom 2012. It became one of the most hated tank in the game. Everyone looked at it as the ultimate Pay2Win tank. In tier3 it was impossible to damage it with any autocannons.
Most of the time the Pz2J was sold in 100$ Bundles.
It even got a slight buff in the 0.9.10 changes when WG remodelled it into HD.

Number 10 – IS-4

Once a tier9 tank which became a tier10 in version 0.7.3. It used to be equipped with a 130mm cannon with 490alpha. Veteran players bond great memories with this one.

Number 9 – 105 leFH18B2

The 105 leFH18B2 is a French tier 5 premium self-propelled gun.
One of the only artillery which could keep its original form. The damage and penetration from before version 0.9.18, making it arguably the most powerful artillery tier-for-tier in the game. This one plays like it doesn’t belong to the game.
Compared to other arties it has a very high base view range. It’s able to permatrack tanks from the distance of +500meters and destroy them eventually. It was taken out from the tech tree shop a long time ago but WarGaming sells this tank from time to time in 20$-30$-40$ packs.

Number 8 – KV-3

Before the KV-1S this was the tank which dominated tier6. Until patch 0.7.3 it was the go-to tier6 OP Soviet tank.

Number 7 – KV

KV used to be a Soviet tier 5 heavy tank. Currently it is unavailable in game, being removed in update patch 0.7.3. It was split into two separate tanks, the tier 5 KV-1 and the tier 6 KV-2. With the 107mm ZiS-6 it was a heavy hitter and even a good credit maker for Free2Play users.

Number 6 – E25

First sold in patch 0.8.7 for 7000 gold.
Also known as “Cockroach” — a premium tank which, if tanks were personified, would be considered to be that of an impish nature. An incredibly fast, agile, and stealthy tank destroyer, the E 25 brings an extremely high rate of fire to whatever part of the battle it visits. Because of its low damage per shot the E 25 punishes unaware or distracted players disproportionately more than any other and is capable of borrowing tactics normally shown by fast medium and light tanks.
This tank got removed from the in-game tech tree on 22/12/2014 and from the gift shop on 15/1/2015 E 25: Withdrawal from Sales.
Afterwards it has appeared countless times in countless offers…

Number 5 – T110E5

It replaced the T30 as the American tier X heavy tank in patch 0.7.2. This tank has high penetration and relatively quick reload in exchange for lower alpha damage compared to many traditional heavy tanks. The T110E5 is a relatively quick heavy with good gun handling characteristics. In patch 0.9.10 it received excellent armor values, allowing it to force other tanks to react to its actions when driven well. From an underwhelming tank to an unstoppable force. WG never really knew how to properly balance the T110E5. Almost 2 years later in patch WG nerfed it to oblivion.
Than 3 years later…(WG ffs) in patch 1.10 slightly buffed it to be semi-competitive

Number 4 – T67 aka. T49

Added to the game in patch 0.7.2. It is still a turreted and stealthy tank destroyer like the M18 Hellcat. It used to be the strongest Tank Destroyer of its tier. And even continued to exist beyond the Hellcat’s nerf. Somehow WG forgot about it for some time.
But no-one escapes the nerf-hammer. Quite some time later in patch 1.9 it got nerfed.

Number 3 – KV-5

When patch 0.6.4 rolled out it got sold alongside with the Löwe. It was one of the first purchasable tier8 prem in WoT.
A good premium tank when released, has now fallen from its status. Because of the preferential matchmaking it got the KV-5 was regularly top tier, and played against tier 5 tanks.
But it wasn’t the only thing which made it iconic. The radioman always got hit because it takes place in one of the biggest weak spot.
Once WG thought about the idea of buffing it…but in return they would take away the pref mm status of it…

Number 2 – T26E4 “SuperPershing”

Sold for the first time in patch 0.7.5 with preferential matchmaking it was another premium tank which enjoyed the benefits of farming down lower tier enemies. Until version 0.8.6 it had a strong frontal armor. The armor, while very tough, is not completely immune to gunfire since this nerf.

Number 1 – Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

Released in version 0.7.1 the ‘B-C used to be a tier9 medium tank which got placed up to tier 10 in patch 0.7.5 and got its famous 105mm gun.
For years it was one of the most famous tier10 meta tank. Stood out from the competition because of the 1950 clip potential, great mobility and lightning fast APCR shells. Both in eSports and randoms it was very significant.
Around 2017 WG almost nerfed it but the playerbase stood against it.
Sadly the power creep treated it badly.

Thank you for reading this long article. And once again, which tanks do you think are the most controversial ones? – I guess a lot of tanks are still missing from these lists.
Let us know in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “WoT: Another 15 Controversial Tanks From The Past (part2)

  1. There is an issue i found. You say LeFH sell in 30-40-50$ bundles. One year ago it was sold for 20€ with 5000 gold, a 100% crew, a garage slot and 25 missions with X5 EXP per victory. You should put from 20 to 40€, as i never saw it getting sold for more than 40€ actually.

    1. Many players paid $100 for the PZ2j, however a year after I did this, WG were GIVING IT AWAY FREE when you paid the normal full price for 25K gold…they repeated this sale offer several times.

      By this time though, many tanks could wreck it, the 2j needed to shoot ALL GOLD ALL THE TIME, and yet it STILL couldn’t really pen many tanks anymore.
      In it’s current state, it costs a fortune in credits to run, and does little damage in battles, even vs equal tier, which mine finds itself as bottom tier more often than not.

      Extremely rare to find mine able to aim at lower tier armour.

  2. The super pershing was considered so OP by WG themselves, they offered a gold refund for it when they removed it from the game, promising players it would return in a rebalanced form.

    One of VERY few, if not the ONLY time WG have ever offered a gold refund for a tank.

    1. I remember the time it got nerfed, the backlash from the community was huge. And yes, my memory is what it is but IIRC that was the only time WG offered a full gold refund for those who wanted to return the post-nerf Super Pershing (those who did made the right choice, the tank never truly recovered from that nerf).

      1. Those were times when WG was not drowning in money and they had to react… nowadays… 😀 in our faces

        1. There are many tanks that need nerfing, premiums included, but the Super Pershing stint taught WG to never do it again (they did it with the T-22 Medium because it was a form of punishment for the Rampage mode riggings, it was not a game balance decision). Look at what happened in recent years – Progetto 46 lost the gun rammer but got a buff to DPM, and EBR 75 was exempt from the speed nerfs of the techtree gokarts. Both because players cried their OP toys were going to become a bit less OP.

  3. After the light tank rebalancing the old ELC would have been OP at tier 5, but it had scout tank matchmaking, it was never top tier. It should have been bumped up to tier 6 and its stats left as it was. That was a major reason for me deciding to never give WG any money, bastards…

  4. The description of the Pz II J is pretty misleading.

    Years ago it was one of the best low tier padders and even today it can catch people off guard with its armor, but the gun is unusable without gold ammo and even with gold ammo the penetration is barely enough for same tier and paper Tier 4 tanks.

    1. T110E5:

      Improved armoring of the hull
      Decreased the dispersion during movement by 22%
      Decreased the dispersion on hull traverse by 22%
      Decreased the dispersion on turret traverse by 25%
      Changed the reload time from 10 to 8.8 s

  5. Out of this list ELC AMX was easily the biggest loss.

    This Tier 5 preferred to be in T8 games. My god was it fun.

    Also it had 400 hp.

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