Armoured Archives Fundraiser – Help buy a new graphics card!

Note: this is unrelated to the conflict in Ukraine. Please also donate to other charities in order to help the refugees escape safely.

Our friends at Armoured Archives need some help. They cannot produce videos about the history of obscure tanks anymore, because Ed Francis’s computer broke. You can help him get a new GPU, it’s the last thing that needs to be bought in order to restart YouTube videos production. (only 310 GBP is still needed!)

„Hi guys and girls

My name’s Ed, host and creator of the YouTube channel Armoured Archives. It’s a small but growing channel covering armoured vehicles and other oddities found in the archives and helping to cover rare vehicles and share forgotten information with people who are unable to travel to sites or just have a desire to learn more on the subject.
Sadly, my PC did its best to kill itself three weeks ago, losing a power pack and CPU, I have managed to replace those, but it seems that the GPU also died, I am unable to afford a GPU as other than a small amount from YouTube, which is often just enough to cover trips to said archives, I live off my incapacity benefit, which covers just enough for food and bills.
I’m asking if anyone wishes to throw a few quid into this so that I can begin saving up for a new GPU for this PC so that I can continue making videos for people and help share some of the wonderful finds that have been found over the years.
Anything and everything is helpful at this stage.

28 thoughts on “Armoured Archives Fundraiser – Help buy a new graphics card!

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    dam la ucrainieni

    vezi ca mai sunt inca romani care mor de foame si de sete fara adapost

      1. care e faza, parca trebuia sa ne dea el noua caci leul nostru valoreaza aproape cate 6 de ale lor

          1. cam toti avem zilele numarate, dar nu stragem bani pentru ca suntem bolnavi ci pentru placi video, de aici reise si seriozitatea postului original

            1. in case anybody thinks what dafuck we are speaking, use google translate, it will give u an ideea

  2. Nice reading, because on the website it says he’s still £310 short of the goal.

  3. I could contribute with even more that the 310GBP goal, but if i do… What would i get in return?

    Don’t mind me mad, but i don’t waste my money unless i get something in return.

    1. Content on youtube perchance?
      I mean… him being a youtuber making youtube vids and all that.
      Or was at least until he gets a new video card.

      But I guess that entertainment/education isn’t up your sleeve.

    2. You sound like a fucking redditor, “Yeah I could do a nice thing, but I wouldn’t get anything out of it.”

      1. even better, posting expired bonus codes, and “leaks” about refunding credits after a big “failure of wargaming event” that didin’t work from nobody on EU servers

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  5. 10£

    Used money for sillier things

    Figured you could use at least one adult around here

  6. User Sebastianul, we have gotten so many reports over the months about comment deletions and abuse of authority against Wargaming Inc.

    If this situation continues, i have to sadly inform you that the domain will have to be shut down temporarily, or shut it down indefinitely in order to foment and keep a freedom of speech among the websites we are in control of.

    Have a nice day, and remember to follow our rules.

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