Possible Battle Pass rewards from all the 3 chapters

Battle Pass Tokens: 21 | 7/Chapter
Premium Days: 69Days | 23Days/Chapter
Bonds: 4350 | 1450/Chapter
Credits: 6.150.000 | 2.050.000/Chapter
Crew XP 200% 1h: 36 | 12/Chapter
Combat XP +100% 1h: 36 | 12/Chapter
Free XP +300% 1h: 36 | 12/Chapter
Credits +50% 1h: 42 | 14/Chapter

Orderly Ammo Rack directive: 30 | 10/Chapter
Stabilizer Greasing directive: 15 | 5/Chapter
Vent Purge directive: 15 | 5/Chapter

Training Booklet: 12 | 4/Chapter
Training Guide: 15 | 5/Chapter
Personal Training Manual: 3 | 1/Chapter

Garage Slot: 15 | 5/Chapter

Universal fragments: 150 | 50/Chapter
National fragments: 90 | 30/Chapter

Special thanks to Mixxtrol for the data

11 thoughts on “Possible Battle Pass rewards from all the 3 chapters

  1. May want to check. I show 42x Credits +50% 1h: 42 | 14/Chapter ( 2x at levels 3, 12, 16 and 22, and 3x at levels 32 and 42 )

    Also, you have Orderly Ammo Rack up there twice. I show Orderly ammo 30 ( 10 per stage ), and both Vent Purge and Stabilizer Greasing each at 15 ( 5 per stage ).

      1. Thank you for all the work you do here! This place is more informative than the WG WoT front page!!

    1. Lorraine 50 T is set to go for 18 tokens. Cobra for 24 – yes 24. Even though you only get 21 tokens in this season. According to WG ” this vehicle will only be available for purchase starting from Season VIII” Which means it seems they are letting the tokens carry over into the next season.

        1. AE phase 1, char futur and k-91 pt are the strongest choice, the kunze panzer is too hard to play and it is not really good, obj777 is for russian bias lovers like me, lorraine is trash, its that nice turret from the m4 51 but with lorraine 40t hull so yeah and the cobra is interesting, it smells like memes with that autoloader but it is not good at least for how it is balanced right now, that caliban aimtime does not help it

  2. The Lor50t and Cobra are 7 million credits for recovery, or, 2400 bonds by taking the 100 bonds per token.

  3. Battle Pass = Bliss.

    WG should have 4 chapters a year. It is an outstanding reward for players.
    As much as I HATE WG for EBR’s, that is how much I LOVE WG for Battle Pass.

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