Battle Pass Season VII: Event Guide

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Battle Pass is back, Commanders!

Starting from March 2, World of Tanks will host Season VII of Battle Pass. It will run for almost three months, until May 30, and will feature several important changes. Make sure you’ve read up on all the details and nice rewards available during the upcoming Season, including fresh progressive styles, the new Bounty Turbocharger, two brand-new Tier IX tanks in the updated Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store, and much more!

Battle Pass Season VII

March 2, 2022, at 07:30 CET (UTC+1) through May 30, 2022, at 02:30 CEST (UTC+2)

Battle Pass Season VII Summary

  • Battle Pass Season VII kicks off on March 2 and runs until May 30. This is the opening Season of 2022 and the first of the current year in which you can earn Battle Pass Tokens, a special in-game currency.
  • Season VII will consist of three main Chapters you can complete in any order, each comprising 50 Stages. To start completing Stages and earning rewards, select a Chapter. You can also pause the completion of a Chapter and switch to a different one to get your hands on more attractive rewards.

  • An additional time-limited Chapter with a special challenge will become available towards the end of the Season.
  • Perform your best in Random Battles (except for Grand Battles) in Tier VI–X vehicles, earn Battle Pass Points, and advance through Progression Stages. You can also earn Battle Pass Points in all in-game modes in which they will be available (including Ranked Battles), as well as by completing Daily Missions with vehicles of any tier.
  • You now earn Battle Pass Points right from the start of the Season, even if you have not selected any Chapters yet. You can choose to invest them in any of the three main Chapters at your discretion later.
  • Don’t forget to spend your Points before the end of the Season to redeem your rewards. Otherwise, all unused Battle Pass Points will disappear!
  • The seventh Season will feature three legendary Battle Pass Core Vehicles: the X Leopard 1 , the X T110E4 , and the X Kranvagn . These vehicles can earn up to 1,000 Points instead of 700.
  • With each completed Stage, you’ll earn useful Base Rewards, including days of WoT Premium Account, bonds, Crew Books, and much more. This Season, we added 3 more Battle Pass Tokens to the Base Rewards Track that you can spend on Bounty Equipment or to get a rare Tier IX vehicle faster in a special section of the in-game Store.
  • If you want to get even more rewards, you’ll need an Improved Pass to get the prizes in the Improved Rewards Track, including the brand-new Bounty Turbocharger. The Improved Pass will be available for both gold and real money.
  • You’ll be able to choose one of the three progressive styles for the three Core Vehicles at the beginning of each Chapter. They will change their appearance, and you’ll receive new 2D and 3D elements when you complete certain Progression Stages.
  • After completing each Chapter of the Season, you will receive a unique crew member.
  • In the opening Season of 2022, you can earn a total of 21 Battle Pass Tokens. They will be distributed across both Reward Tracks. Battle Pass Tokens will accumulate throughout the year and can be exchanged for any of seven formidable Tier IX vehicles, including two brand-new tanks, the Cobra and the Lorraine 50 t.

Chapters: More Options, More Flexibility

This Season, you can complete Chapters in any order. Plus, you now can pause the completion of a Chapter and start completing a different one, reaching the Stages with more valuable rewards for you. If you play without selecting a Chapter or while a Chapter is paused, you will still earn Battle Pass Points, which you can then invest in the selected Chapter.

When the Season kicks off, select a Chapter to complete and start earning rewards for your progress in Battle Pass.

Once you have completed the selected Chapter, you will need to manually choose and confirm the next Chapter to complete.

You start earning Battle Pass points from the very beginning of the Season, regardless of whether you have chosen a Chapter or not. Unused Points can be invested in any of the Chapters, making it active. You can now decide which Chapter to complete and how many Points you will invest in it.

But it is very important not to forget to do this before the end of the Season, or all your unused Points will be deducted and disappear. That is why we recommend doing it without delay.

Toward the end of the Season, an additional time-limited Chapter will become available, and it will be different from the main three ones. You’ll earn Points according to the standard Battle Pass rules and advance through the progression system. If you complete this extra Chapter, you will be awarded a Tier VIII Premium vehicle. Points earned during the Season cannot be used to boost your progress in the fourth Chapter.

Earning Points

In the seventh Season, you will earn Battle Pass Points in the following ways:

Random Battles (Tier VI–X vehicles)

Position in the Post-Battle Ranking Victory Defeat/Draw
Top 3 by XP earned 7 5
Top 10 by XP earned 5 3
Fighting in Ranked Battles will also allow you to earn Points and get rewards in addition to those available in this mode.

Ranked Battles (Tier X vehicles)

Position in the Post-Battle Ranking Victory Defeat/Draw
Top 3 by XP earned 7 5
Top 7 by XP earned 5 3
Players on both teams who place 8th–10th in Ranked Battles and 11th–15th in Random Battles will not earn any Points, but they won’t lose any, either.

You can earn additional Points by completing Daily Missions with vehicles of any tier. Each of them will reward you Battle Pass Points in addition to the main reward, depending on the difficulty of the mission:

Mission Number of Points
Tier I (easy) 10
Tier II (medium) 15
Tier III (hard) 20
Bonus Mission 25
Epic Reward (for completing 45 missions) 50
Points received for Daily Missions do not affect the Point Limit. You can earn Points for Daily Missions even after the Limit is reached. If you play Random Battles in Tier VI–X vehicles and place in the top 10 by XP earned while simultaneously completing Daily Missions, you will receive Points from both sources.

Vehicle Point Limits

Each vehicle in Battle Pass has a Point Limit while playing in Ranked and Random Battles. The higher the vehicle tier, the higher the Limit. After you’ve earned the maximum number of Points in a given vehicle, you will be able to go into battle like always, but you will not receive any more Points on that vehicle—you will have to pick another. You will also be rewarded with additional Battle Pass Points when the Limit for a vehicle is reached.

Vehicle Point Limit Point Limit Reward
Tier VI 100 15
Tier VII 250 20
Tier VIII 400 25
Tier IX 550 30
Tier X 700 35
Core Vehicles 1,000 35

Season VII Core Vehicles

We spent a lot of time determining which vehicles we wanted to give Core Vehicle status. We tried to select real legends with unique and exciting gameplay. We’re sure these vehicles will perform well in Random and Ranked Battles and bring many enjoyable moments to both veterans and newcomers alike. Meet the magnificent trio that carries the Core Vehicle status this Season:

X Leopard 1

X T110E4

X Kranvagn

All these mighty vehicles have an increased Point Limit of 1,000. They will also earn Battle Pass Points in Random Battles according to the following special rules:

  • Leopard 1
  • T110E4
  • Kranvagn

Leopard 1

Position in the Post-Battle Ranking Victory Defeat/Draw
Top 3 by XP earned 8 6
Top 10 by XP earned 6 4

In Ranked Battles, Core Vehicles will earn Points as follows:

  • Leopard 1
  • T110E4
  • Kranvagn

Leopard 1

Position in the Post-Battle Ranking Victory Defeat/Draw
Top 3 by XP earned 8 6
Top 7 by XP earned 6 4
Players on both teams who place 8th–10th in Ranked Battles and 11th–15th in Random Battles will not earn any Points, but they won’t lose any, either.

To see the maximum number of Points you can earn in Battle Pass Season VII, look at the interactive widget below. Please consider that for the calculation of the total number of Points you can earn (including Points for completing Bonus Missions), the number of completed Daily Missions for each difficulty level—I, II, III, and Bonus Missions—must be equal.

Find out your maximum Battle Pass Stage for the vehicles you have in your Garage. Just useBattle Pass rewardandBattle Pass rewardto specify how many of your vehicles belonging to a certain tier. Battle Pass Points can also be earned by completing Daily Missions. The Leopard 1, T110E4, and Kranvagn have higher Point Limits compared to other Tier X vehicles. The limit for each of these vehicles has been increased by 300 Points.

Maximum Progression Stage

Fresh Progressive Styles

In this Season, you can receive three fresh progressive styles, one for each Core Vehicle. They are available in the Base Rewards Track. All three styles visually emphasize the vast experience that the Core Vehicles have gained through countless battles, which has shaped them into true World of Tanks veterans. Take a look:

Each progressive style has four levels and can only be applied to the corresponding vehicle. At the beginning of each Chapter, you select one of the styles and immediately receive Level I of that style. As you progress through Stages, your style will gain new 2D and 3D elements. The maximum, Level IV, is awarded at the end of the Chapter.

After Season VII ends, you’ll be able to purchase the missing levels for the styles that you selected using gold. For example, if you have one Level IV style and one Level II style, you will be able to purchase the missing two levels for the second style. The third style will not be available for purchase.

Meet the New Battle Pass Heroes!

The seventh Season introduces three new tank aces you can recruit as crew members after completing the Chapters. You will receive Siegfried Hammel for completing Chapter I and Benjamin Willard for completing Chapter II. The third unique crew member, Marie Fredriksson, will be awarded after the completion of Chapter III. You will be able to select their nation and main specialization.

Siegfried Hammel, German Benjamin Willard, American Marie Fredriksson, Swedish

Each of the crew members comes with Brothers in Arms as a zero perk and enough XP to train two more skills or perks.

Bounty Turbocharger and Other Rewards

A host of useful Base Rewards and even more valuable additional Improved Rewards are waiting for you for all completed Stages in each Chapter, including:

  • Days of WoT Premium Account
  • Bonds
  • Credits
  • Garage slots
  • Personal Reserves
  • And more!

When you get an Improved Pass, you can also obtain additional Improved Rewards for each completed Stage, including a new piece of Bounty Equipment: the Bounty Turbocharger. You can upgrade it using credits and make your vehicle even more powerful. This unique item will be available in the Improved Rewards track.

You’ll be able to redeem one item of Bounty Equipment of your choice (including the new Bounty Turbocharger) from all existing equipment in this category after completing Stage 50 of each Chapter. In addition, you can exchange 3 Battle Pass Tokens for any additional piece of Bounty Equipment of your choice in the Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store. This option will be available once during each active Season. In total, during this Season of Battle Pass, you can get four items of Bounty Equipment of your choice.

Full List of Available Bounty Equipment

  • NEW! Bounty Turbocharger
  • Bounty Low Noise Exhaust System
  • Bounty Aiming
  • Bounty Rammer
  • Bounty Gun Laying Drive
  • Bounty Ventilation
  • Bounty Optics
  • Bounty Stabilizer
  • Bounty Protection Technology
  • Bounty Rotation Mechanism

In addition to the Bounty Equipment to select from, you will be able to choose standard equipment (six items per Season) from various categories. You can also select the affiliation of national fragments and Crew Books. To do this, click the button in the upper-right corner of the progression menu to go to a special screen where you can select the rewards you want.

We’ve listened to your feedback on reward selection and have improved the reward selection screen, so now it’s even easier to redeem your prizes. You can find the list of all rewards on the Battle Pass screen in the Garage.

If you do not choose your rewards before the end of Battle Pass Season VII, they will be automatically credited according to the following rules:

Rules for Rewards

Chapter I

  • National fragments (Germany)
  • Training Booklets (Germany)
  • Training Guide (Germany)
  • Improved Rotation Mechanism Class 1
  • Gun Rammer Class 1
  • Bounty Rammer

Chapter II

  • National fragments (U.S.A.)
  • Training Booklets (U.S.A.)
  • Training Guide (U.S.A.)
  • Improved Hardening Class 1
  • Turbocharger Class 1
  • Bounty Turbocharger

Chapter III

  • National fragments (Sweden)
  • Training Booklets (Sweden)
  • Training Guide (Sweden)
  • Improved Aiming Class 1
  • Improved Ventilation Class 1
  • Bounty Aiming

2D Styles, Nice Decals, and a Unique Medal

In addition to cool progressive styles and other valuable rewards, Battle Pass Season VII also offers stunning 2D customization elements, including:

  • Up to three 2D styles, one for each Chapter—all of them are designed with a common theme and emphasize the combat conditions in which the tankers’ identities were formed
Battle Scars
Rain of Stone
  • Up to three new decals, one for each Chapter
  • A unique medal (after completing 150 Stages of the event’s progression)

Complete Three Main Chapters to Get Even More Rewards!

Once you complete all three of the main Chapters, you’ll have access to a new Reward section of the in-game Store where you can spend all your Battle Pass Points earned throughout the Season on bonds and the following rewards:

  • 3D styles for all Battle Pass Core Vehicles from the previous six Seasons
  • Unique crew members from Season IV onwards

This new section will be available until May 30, 2022, at 02:30 CEST (UTC+2). You will continue to earn and accumulate Battle Pass Points even after completing the three main Chapters.

You’ll be able to spend all the 7,500 Battle Pass Points you can accumulate during the completion of the three main Chapters, as well as all the Points you earn after, until the end of the Season. Points for completing the additional time-limited Chapter will also go into your piggy bank, but your progress in it won’t affect the unlocking of the Reward section.
Remember to spend your Points before the end of the Season to redeem your rewards. Otherwise, all unused Battle Pass Points will disappear!

Rewards for Battle Pass Tokens

You will also receive Battle Pass Tokens after completing certain Progression Stages. A total of 21 Tokens will be distributed across both Reward Tracks—12 Tokens among the Base Rewards and 9 more among the Improved Rewards. They can be exchanged for valuable items and rare vehicles in the Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store. A total of seven rare Tier IX vehicles will be available for exchange, including two brand-new vehicles, the Cobra and the Lorraine 50 t.

Lorraine 50 t
Kunze Panzer
Char Futur 4
Obj. 777 II
AE Phase I

The Cobra is a British medium tank armed with a furious 4-shell autoloader. A fast reload time between shells and high penetration values with both standard (HEAT) and special (HESH) rounds allow you to cause devastating damage in a matter of seconds.

The Cobra is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of World of Tanks. It has two very different personalities: a typical British pragmatism when playing with the autoloader with standard HEAT shells, and an adrenaline-fueled impulsiveness when using HESH shells. A furious gentleman with a HESH autoloader is very different from a noble lord with standard rounds!

When playing with standard ammo, you get an efficient autoloader with great penetration values that will allow you to cause decent damage. But if you load it with special HESH shells, then you will see this vehicle from a completely new perspective. The autoloader with HESH rounds is potentially extremely dangerous for the enemy and requires competent use. But if used correctly, it will be very impressive.

The Lorraine 50 t is a mobile and maneuverable French heavy tank featuring a comfortable sharp-shooting gun with excellent penetration values. It also boasts decent frontal armor that could save your life in a close-combat situation, but you shouldn’t rely on it too much.

Although its gun is suitable for an aggressive playstyle, it would be safer to deploy it from a distance and take advantageous positions using the tank’s good mobility.

We want to carefully balance the Cobra, so even though its characteristics are very close to final, we want to make sure it shows an adequate level of performance. Shortly after the release of Update 1.16, we’ll assess its combat effectiveness and make slight and accurate adjustments, if necessary. Due to the cost in Tokens, this vehicle will only be available for purchase starting from Season VIII, and its characteristics will be fully finalized before then.

All these Tier IX vehicles feature a built-in Large Repair Kit as a free bonus.

The cost of two vehicles, the Kunze Panzer and the K-91-PT, will change in the new Season. They will cost 12 and 9 Tokens, respectively.

After Season VII ends, the Tokens that you have earned will not be removed. They will accumulate throughout the year, and you can spend them in upcoming Seasons of Battle Pass.

The Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store will be available until December 20, 2022. When the Items for Tokens section is closed, all unspent Tokens will be converted to bonds at the rate of 1:100.

Improved Rewards and the Improved Pass

Each Battle Pass Stage has two Reward Tracks: Base Rewards and Improved Rewards. The Base Rewards Track contains plenty of goodies that you can obtain for free, but if you want even more, you’ll need an Improved Pass to get the prizes in the Improved Rewards Track. You can purchase it for each Chapter for 2,500. It will also be available as a part of a special bundle.

With the new mechanics for choosing Chapters, you can now purchase the Improved Pass for more than one Chapter at a time. However, make sure to come back to any paused Chapters, or you may be missing out on rewards.

After purchasing an Improved Pass, you will receive all Improved Rewards for the Stages you have already completed. You will also unlock the Improved Rewards for completing subsequent Stages.

If you purchase an Improved Pass for at least one Chapter using gold, bundles for real money will no longer be available.

Two out of three bundles include an Improved Pass for all three Chapters. The second bundle also includes a gold allowance. For 30 days after purchasing them, you will receive 250 daily just by logging in to the game client and playing a battle. Please note that you will not receive your daily gold for days on which you do not log in and have not played a battle.

If you have an Improved Pass, you will also be able to purchase any number of Stages so that you won’t need to earn Points. You can purchase Stages at any time, starting from the beginning of Battle Pass, but only within the Chapter for which an Improved Pass is purchased. If you purchase an Improved Pass for real money for the entire Season, you will be able to purchase Stages at any time for any Chapter.

Get ready to display your skills and earn valuable rewards in Battle Pass Season VII, Commanders!

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