Update 1.16: New 2D and 3D Styles Thumbnails

A glance at the thumbnails of the new 3D styles added in Update 1.16. Photos will be posted later.

Milton Pact 3D style for the Concept 1B;

 Huh… And here I thought I couldn’t be surprised anymore. I must admit, I’ve heard many wishes, but yours… One usually asks for something tangible. They chase some worldly ends. But if that’s your wish, I cannot deny it. I need my payment, you need this vehicle. Just look at it and see how it will distinguish you — highlight your uniqueness, your importance. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? You want to be in the spotlight, to be number one. Yes, I understand. I am familiar with it, but believe me, I’ve heard the wish to be unique countless times. In a world where everyone thinks they are special, the most normal person becomes most special — that’s the irony of it. But if that’s your last word, sign here.

Good. Take it, it’s yours. Let everyone see it.

Vanity… definitely my favorite sin.

3D style for the Rheinmetall Skorpion

3D Style for the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger

3D Style for the Waffenträger auf Pz. IV

3D Style “Hellhound” for the T54E1

3D Style “Hellhound” for the T110E5

3D Style for the AMX 13 105

3D Style for the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

3D Style for the ST-II

3D Style for the Object 277

3D Style for the IS-4

Battle Pass

17 thoughts on “Update 1.16: New 2D and 3D Styles Thumbnails

  1. Rein+Borsig, alright, fine, i getcha… it works. Its clean.

    The rest can go to hell. Strapping now trash to the back of the turret is style?
    Especially those giant MGs give away from a MILE where your turret is turned.

    1. Maus with 3D style is almost unplayable. I also don’t like the useless mega MG’s and flaks. It looks very childish as well.

      1. The 3d maus style is based on the immortal dont like it get a mod that removes it.. I like it so please deal with it..

    2. The thing is, you don’t design this game. If you don’t like something, just ignore it. In case you can’t stand it/it bothers you too much or whatever similar, uninstall the game and you will do fine.
      There will be some ppl who like/dislike something. This will not change the fact WG will still do it and make as much money as they can.
      In the end of the day, complaining will do aboslutely nothing but wasting your own time.

  2. that desert style for bat chat just doesn’t work, doesn’t fit at all 🙁

  3. Nice.
    I would’ve bought all the 3D styles from Xmas event but I will not buy lootboxes for hundreds of euros and then not get the 3D styles that I want. I will never participate in this gambling nonsense anymore.

        1. maybe looking twice now…. there is that cupola…. remove cupola and you have M103 in that photo, But for sure there is Bat AP tier 9 qus of the wheels

  4. Concept 1B = no 3D style

    Skorpion = no 3D style

    Borsig = already has one 3D style (occasionally sold in web store)

    WTF Pz 4 = no 3D style

    T54E1 = no 3D style

    M103 = no 3D style

    AMX-13 105 = already has one 3D style (holiday lootbox style)

    BC 25t AP = no 3D style

    ST-II = already has one 3D style (occasionally sold in web store)

    Object 277 = already has one 3D style (battlepass style)

    IS-4 = already has one 3D style (battlepass style)

    Would be nice if WG sold these along with the more popular premiums rather than try and scam people with things like the FCM 50t which has no place in today’s meta. If these are planned to be lootbox padding (except the Concept 1B style which would make sense as clan or ranked reward) then screw them.

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