WoT Auction – Speculated Tanks

  • January 14, 2022: tier 10,  Object 268 option 5.
  • January 15, 2022: tier 8, ??, “Envelope” (new tank).
  • January 16, 2022: tier 10,  113 Beijing Opera.
  • January 17, 2022: tier 8, ??, “Book with a hare on a bookmark.”
  • January 18, 2022: tier 10,  WZ-111 Qilin.

15 thoughts on “WoT Auction – Speculated Tanks

  1. Reposting it here for those that didnt see the speculated tier 8s:

    Referral Letter: T95E2 (Past referral program tank; rare and no way to obtain)

    Hare book: Turtle Mk I (Rabbit and Turtle story; gold timepiece noted in the video)

  2. I have different predictions for the middle three, the first and last is kind of obvious.

    However I strongly believe in the pattern given at start with the tank’s release order being 10 on the first day, then 8 on the second and after alternating between them in the remaining days.

    Please note that there is a GOLDEN watch on the table too, more on that later.

    However I expect the second tank to be not a T10 113, but the t8 version of it, the 113-II, with them giving a hint here for the tank’s name and it’s tier earlier.

    For the envelope, I expect a T10 fue to the pattern mentioned earlier. Not gonna lie, it could be anything, but based on previous events like this (Black Markets) I expect this to be a pack of orders for the 279e. The order icons in the game for both campaigns are letter like, you have a letter opener knife next to the envelope too (for cutting open the envelope AND cutting/reducing the time). But otherwise it could be any surprise t10.

    As for the book with the Hare, I think this offer will be the Ebr 75 FL, simple due to the speed motif of the fast rabbit.

    Now for the golden watch. I think represents which tanks will be sold for gold and which for free xp. It can ne looked at two ways: separating the middle three (Bino, envelope, HareBook), meaning these three will go for gold and the first and last for free XP. (or the other was around, but I doubt this possibility). The other way to look at it that it is sitting near the Triangle, Bino, HareBook (and egg?), thus these four will be sold for gold.

    I think the former is the most likely possibility, meaning that the 268v5 and the Qilin will be sold for free XP.

    Oh well, we will know for sure in a few days either way, first the playerbase has to forget the XMAS event with 4 beautiful days of Ranked bullshittery.

        1. I can’t. I’m here to warning you about wasting your life with a game instead living. In the time used for developing a tier X you would have lost 10kg of your overweight. Maybe 15. Remenber I come from the future while you live in the past.

      1. There is a new 279, without the (e), This is another model too (but with the 4 tracks). This one based on the actually build prototype. Personally, I’m intested. I think that if one in included, it will be this new one. Selling the 279(e) will piss of too many players.

    1. Please cry more …. you know, there are still some people who enjoy the game and have no problem paying for it … so people like you can still play for free.

  3. Being able to buy tier 10 tanks for gold is the exact reason why the game has become mostly unplayable at tiers 8-10.

    1. To be honest, i think problem could be solved very easily. have some results at tier 6, then you can play tier 8, and so on…

    2. Except there really aren’t any T10s exclusively for gold. Chieftain, 907 etc are CW rewards. 260 and 279e are campaign rewards. Both require time and effort to obtain. The rest (fv215b183, Foch 155 etc) were available in the game at some point and are most definitely don’t ruin t10 considering nobody really plays them in Pubs.

  4. Could the new tier 8 tank be any of these vehicles: ShPTK-TVP 100, AMBT or K-2?
    Only some ideas…

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