WoT Holiday Ops 2022 Ends Soon

January 10 2022 (Monday) at 09:00 (Moscow time): Holiday Ops 2022 will end. We will lose:

  • the entire New Year’s event
  • the ability to buy/donate Large Boxes in the premium store
  • the ability to choose Arnie’s Discount on tier II-X tanks.
  • the ability to interact with the Christmas tree, toys, shards, collections and everything else
  • the ability to open any types of boxes yourself
  • 2022 winter garage

Until the morning of the 10th (Sunday): 1. Complete all the remaining Arnie’s missions. By completing them, you will receive the remaining discounts on vehicles, small boxes, customizations, achievements, and Commander Arnie himself.

  • If you have completely collected all collections: spend shards to make Arnie’s tasks easier.
    ** Complete beforehand last year’s collections with shards, if you have not collected them yet (2018-2021). Provided that you already have level X of the festive atmosphere.
    *** There will be NO compensation for the leftover shards!
  1. Complete the final daily tasks. They also reward you with small boxes and stamps.
  2. Complete the last special tasks of the weekend. For them, you will be given 21,000 shards and anti-duplicators.
  3. Send the last gifts to friends for the remaining stamps. Maybe Pankov will drop for you.

* Keep stamps at 0, there will be NO compensation for them.
5. Open all the remaining Small and Large boxes. Also, accept the gifts (Big boxes) in the premium store on the site, if any were sent to you.
* At the end of the main event, you will be compensated in gold for any Large Boxes that were sent as gifts but were not accepted by the recipients.
** If you do not open Small or Large boxes before the end of the New Year’s Eve 2022, January 10, 2022, 10:00 UTC, when you first log into the game client after this date, you will be credited with in-game property from the boxes, as well as those decorations that are not in your collections. They will be added to their respective collections.
5.1 Remove absolutely ALL toys (including large ones) from the tree and adjacent places. We break them all, ALL toys into shards.
The festive atmosphere and the bonus to credits will not change. Further, if purple anti-duplicators are still left, use all of them, in order to complete the collection, which lacks the least toys.
* Thus, in 2023 you will need fewer shards in order to complete the HH2022 collection.
5.2 Use anti-duplicators for shards only if you have a very large number of shards.

If you have not yet logged into your account during the event, log in, because until January 10, 09:00 (Moscow time) you will receive:
• Tier III tank Medium Tank T3 Convertible
• 100% Crew for Medium Tank T3 Convertible
• Garage slot
• 1 holiday stamp
• 1 charge for anti-duplicator
• 1,000 shards

  1. Next, let’s move on to Arnie’s discounts. Until January 10, 09:00 (Moscow time), we MUST make a choice of a tank in each tier (II-X), because after the choice will simply be LOST and you will LOSE all these discounts.
  • You cannot change the selected discount (tank)! After activating the discounts you will have them FOREVER, they are unlimited.

7.1 Crew.
All 4 girls for reaching level 10 of the festive atmosphere do not have a recruiting date. The girls have the “Brothers in Arms” skill, as well as enough experience for an additional skill to choose from.

  1. New Year’s reusable bonus code for World of Tanks.
    Players can receive 22 small boxes using to the bonus code HAPPY22WOT

  2. You can get a guaranteed Tier VIII tank from 50 large boxes. If you can buy a few more to reach this number, do it. This is the most profitable way to get gold.

  3. All your accumulated bonuses during the main part of Holiday Ops 2022 are SAVED, but with some conditions.

11 If you reached the V and X levels of the festive atmosphere or completed 5 Arnie’s tasks during the main part of Holiday Ops 2022, you can continue to receive bonuses for the New Year’s event in the period after the New Year’s offensive until January 24, 09:00 (Moscow time). Only 3 New Year slots for V-X vehicles.

• Heavy and medium tanks – + 50% to combat experience.
• Light tanks – + 200% to free experience.
• SPG and tank destroyers – + 100% to crew experience.
• Or one of the three above-mentioned bonuses to choose from for a tank of any class placed in Arnie’s slot.

  • You can place any tanks in the slots , except for premium vehicles.
    You will have access to as many slots as you opened during the main part of Holiday Ops 2022. From 10 January 09:01 (Moscow time) you can change the tank in the slot for free once a day. Replacing it will cost 100,000 silver.

9.2 During the “hangover” period, all New Year’s tanks will receive the maximum credit bonus that you achieved during the main part of the event.

** To reach the maximum value of the credits bonus (+50%), you need to collect at least 65 decorations in each of the four 2022 collections, reach level X of the festive atmosphere, and collect all the large decorations (4 pcs.) And place them into the appropriate slots.

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