Supertest: K-2 (Initial Stats)

We have a new tank coming to the Supertest!

The K-2, a Tier VIII Soviet heavy tank is coming to the closed Supertest.

The vehicle features reliable armour for its tier. The frontal hull armour reaches 160 mm, while the turret armour reaches 250 mm. Its rear is also protected by relatively thick armour plates. Its good durability of 1,700 HP allows you to emerge victorious from many duels. It has a top forward speed of 30 km/h, and a specific power of 13.6 h.p./t.

The tank is equipped with a 122 mm D-25T gun that causes 390 HP of damage per shot. The penetration value of the standard shell is 196 mm, while the special HEAT shell can penetrate 270 mm of armour. It has an aiming time of 2.9 s, dispersion of 0.44 m, and reloading time of 15 s.

The K-2 is a well-protected heavy tank that can initiate attacks. Thanks to its armour, the vehicle can draw enemy fire, allowing less armoured allies to advance. However, do not forget about its mediocre mobility. Taking into account the strengths and weaknesses will help unleash the full potential of this vehicle.

Additional Statistics

Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.08
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.25
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.25
Dispersion after shot – 4
Shell Velocity – 790/820/790
Terrain Resistances – 1.2/1.6/2.7


7 thoughts on “Supertest: K-2 (Initial Stats)

  1. A shitty IS3 with the same roof weakpoint, bad speed, gun handling and worse reload. More HP means nothing when everyone shoots gold. And 270 gold pen, ofcourse they would do shit like this.

  2. Who needs or wants this in the game? We have IS3, IS5, IS6, 110, Defender, 112, Alpine Tiger. The list is endless. This contributes nothing new, is worse than most tanks listed, with the only good feature being more hp, which you can improve on other tanks with crew 2.0, and field mods. WG running out of ideas at this point.

  3. Let the Gold ammo Spam begin & the Zero Credits continue Then Buy GOLD PREMIUM SHOP to convert to Credits yummy €€€€€ for WG shit-head-cash-whores

    Btw, another T8 Soviet HT!!!!
    lol o lol WG Dev shittas outdoing themselves

    1. Interesting that it took this long before it came into the game, it could have absolutely been a replacement for the kv4 when they were fixing the line along side the e100 and t110e5 lines.

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