WoT Advent Calendar Day 23 – 🇩🇪 VK 75.01 (K) + Daily Mission

Also available for 25€.

In-game bundle:
  • https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/uk.png VK 75.01 (K)
  • 25x Missions: 5x XP for a victory
  • 100% trained crew
  • Garage slot

Price: 7,500 gold

Daily Mission:

7 thoughts on “WoT Advent Calendar Day 23 – 🇩🇪 VK 75.01 (K) + Daily Mission

  1. Vkk is a good side scraper like vkb

    People still get freaking Chrysler for some reason who’s inferior by any means

    Must be fun when armor doesn’t work and all you shoot is gold….

    Ps. They put everything special into the boxes.
    5 unique tanks. 40+ € each.

    Are you nuts and except those for 25 on sale?


    1. This holiday event has been bad.

      Festive garage = impossible to complete without buying a ton of loot boxes (previous years 75 boxes always guaranteed completing the garage with plenty of leftovers to convert into shards for the previous years’ albums)

      Skoda T 56 = good if you’re a gold spammer

      Bofors = arguably worse than T34, still workable though

      Caliban = for memes

      M-IV-Y = dull as hell

      122TM = padding

      Random low tier junk = padding

      I’m still interested in the Bofors and the Caliban but I’d rather buy them when they go on sale as standard items, not as loot content.

    2. That’s not really true though. The Bofors Tornvagn is god-awful, I find it less fun than the T34 (and that thing fucking sucks).

      The Caliban is stupid. Not broken, not overpowered, just stupid. I think it’s what a tier 8 premium should be (and what the KV-5 was, imho) – not better, but worse or different than the tech tree counterparts.

      The 122TM is good, but it’s not new, and it’s not OP. The DPM and heavy tank speed kills that tank from being broken. I bought it on the marathon for 7 euros and like it; but I still remember the headlines, the title of RagingRaptor’s video was “Worth no more than 12 euros”

      The M IV Y is a novelty. Balanced vehicle, interesting gameplay (keep moving your turret to not get penned easily by everything).

      And the Skoda is the bait. A broken tank, absolutely.

      Also, 703 II, Defender, Lis, Renegade, E75 TS… All decent offers that, if I recall correctly, weren’t in any previous advent calendar.

      Also, to respond to the majority of the community complaining about the event nerf.

      I am sitting at 217/284 (including 4 large decorations) decorations in the collection.
      I’ve been playing every day, and I’ve opened 99 large boxes exactly.

      The large boxes were nerfed. You only get one decoration. But now, not only do you have antiduplicator charges, but you also have the option to prevent dupes with 2,000 shards. That’s literally the price of two random decorations.

      Getting decorations from the small boxes sucks, since breaking a new decoration only gives you 100, and the more you have in your collection, the slimmer the odds you get a new one. Every weekend you get thousands of shards.

      Oh and if you have clanmates or friends, you can also get many small boxes each day. I get 15-20 boxes from friends and clanmates each day, and you get 10 from daily missions, plus arnie, plus codes, streams, the ‘lost’ packages for ‘good deeds’ mechanic in-game, etc etc. Im almost done with completing the collections (216/280), and i only opened 99 lootboxes (compared to my friend who opened 200, barely played, and is sitting on 160 decorations)

      1. The issue here is that those whining would need friends for gift small boxes.

        They will need f r i e n d s.

  2. I got a few boxes of credit and premium time. But I can’t be bothering to play. Festive level 3 for 25 euro. So I’m done with this event. No interest anymore.

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