Update 1.15: “Aurora” 3D Style for 🇮🇹 Bisonte C45 – More Pictures

This is how the ”Aurora” 3D Style from tomorrow’s update looks like. Style treated as unhistorical, valued at 2,500 gold.

10 thoughts on “Update 1.15: “Aurora” 3D Style for 🇮🇹 Bisonte C45 – More Pictures

  1. Now THIS looks freaking NOICE
    Its clean and nice and different… but no trashy giant mg strapped to the top or giant flashlights or whatever nonsense used for flak defense… +its for a noice tank too

    When can we get it???

  2. Why, just why??
    This is a tank, war machine, not some firetruck or rescue truck.
    Insted of red paint and ladders or sky dask or what ever it is.
    Put some smoke grenates, refletror, aditional optics on top of turret…get it painted in some reall war camo.This is just stupid.

    1. Guess someone here is having issues comprehending an “unhistorical” style.

      Someone, call an ambulance! Not for WG, but for you.

    2. Cry about it, not everything needs to be a historical camo. There’s a lot of money to be made in good looking styles and skins, and obviously people want them since they keep making them.

      You want historical camoes and shit, go play wt, or click “turn off non historical elements” in your settings instead of complaining.

        1. “Muh fake tank doesn’t have a real camo I must now flip shit about it”

          Go play a sim game or build models instead.

    3. Because WG is retarded and so are the people who like these retarded camos. Only the WG cultists defend these horrific camos.

  3. God this thing is hideous. And the people who like this either must be blind or have no taste at all. Probably both to be honest.

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