8 thoughts on “WoT Holiday Ops: First Confirmed Tank

  1. I already skip the marathon…
    I could have got stage 8 like last year but eh…
    It’s exhausting.

    And those events and rules and whatever get only more complicated and longer and cross another..

    The holidays ops mission briefing is roughly 8pages long.

    Adding the state of the world to that and I feel like passing out if I have to worry about another countdown.

    Oh and black market is due soon too ..
    . anything else we can add on top?

    Can’t we enjoy one thing at a time with a bit of a break .plus who got the funds left over for all that crap?

    I got many prem but even i can’t be that crazy.

    Just… No.
    It’s too much.
    Forcefeeding is trending…

    1. I feel the same. Life is getting more and more busy and there is very little free time, which to be honest is extremely precious because we only live once. It does not hurt at all to say no.

    2. While I somewhat agree, I also would argue that a lot of the player base wants constant events etc from what I see on forums. I don’t have a great deal of time myself so ultimately with the events/marathons if you want the final rewards it comes down to either you play a lot or pay.

    3. Agreed, the overly complicated rules, special currencies, schedules, and separate websites are not fun or enjoyable. Many of those specials (like marathon or ranked) just put team mates in direct opposition, so even your time is working against you for their own goal.

      Meanwhile, T95/FV and 279es spamming gold to dominate the marathon make playing tier 10, which should be the ultimate experience, fairly frustrating.

  2. Disappointed. Looks like this is a new trend for WG – last year the Bisonte was a loot box tank even though it was the first Italian heavy available to players.

    Now they repeat with the yo mama tanks.

    So are we looking at Bofors HT, Caliban, WZ-113-II and this thing here as the high tier holiday premiums for 2021?

  3. Yeah…I decided the other day that I could spend the thirty bucks or so that I was prepared to spend on the AMX 30 AP, after having been frustrated by the feeding frenzy…or I could spend that 30 bucks on the first day of loot boxes…as one’s chances of getting one of the good tanks seems better the earlier you go.

  4. Yea come on now they are just using the boxes to sell trash . I want interesting tanks like the auto loaders or a tier 9 premium . meh just less reason to buy boxes . I want a Caliban or a Corba .

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