Update 1.15: 🇫🇷 Lorraine 50 t – Changed Stats

Note: this piece of news is 16 days old. Due to unforeseen circumstances (temporary lack of workforce at the family farm) I wasn’t able to post it at the time. I’ll make sure to dedicate the next month to blogging completely in order to compensate for this lackluster year. Thanks for still being here.

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/usa.png Lorraine 50 t. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Max speed / Reverse speed: 60 / – 20 km / h   60 / – 15 km / h
Hull turning speed: 35,46 °/s   31,29 °/s
Gun turning speed: 36,51 °/s   31,29 °/s
Turret armor: 250 / 95 / 40   250 / 70 / 30 mm

Aim spread:

  • during turret rotation at the maximum speed: 5,48   4,69;
  • at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 4,96   4,38.

10 thoughts on “Update 1.15: 🇫🇷 Lorraine 50 t – Changed Stats

    1. If you care you won’t care anymore.
      There’s no point caring now. Just play on and off.
      Nobody needs 600 tanks just get the ones you like and stop.
      I only like 12.

  1. Everybody has hard times from time to time, great that you do the blog, so just keep on when you have the time. And some days off should not hurt anyone!
    Thumbs up to you!

    1. Proper articles every day. That is the way it should be. Thanks for the encouragement! I want to go all in this time, like in 2017.

      1. As a daily reader through all this time it is the way I feel. And with lots of trouble in family due to health issues (parents …) I can fully understand everyone needing some breaks now and then.

        So, again, great job over all this time, we take what we get and will be patient in hopefully only few darker days! Take care, that is most important!

        1. Keep fighting for the common good. I will do alright, the hard times are mostly over now. No more stress. We can only go up from this point. Nothing to distract me from the site. In fact the pandemic has been a blessing,

      2. Dude I give you immense credit for doing this everyday for a train wreck of a game. Sad though. Had high hopes for this game back in the day. You are like the one of the few sources I check after Silentstalker left his site sometime ago and that chick took it over and drove it into the mud.

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