WoT Legend of the Hunter: “Char de Chastel” 3D Style for the 🇫🇷 AltProto AMX 30 – Pictures

The style is treated as fictional, valued at 2,500 gold.

– “You want to attack him with pitchforks and axes? Oh no, mes chers – there is more to us than duck hunting. Unless we show the Beast of Gévaudan who rules these lands, we will hide in cellars and barns for the rest of our lives. Live in fear… See his eyes glowing in the dark, feel his smell, listen to his terrible howls at night… And lose companions one by one. It’s high time that this place stopped being a slaughterhouse and a kitchen.

I come to you with weapons that can kill him. With a force that cannot be stopped. And if anyone here still believes the Beast is some kind of legend, well, it’s time to send it back. Get your coins ready – your savior has come. “

4 thoughts on “WoT Legend of the Hunter: “Char de Chastel” 3D Style for the 🇫🇷 AltProto AMX 30 – Pictures

  1. Jesus Christ… what a joke, what a BAD joke… sincerely WG? what a piece of trash…Like a completely rigged game wasnt enough… really pathetic, get better…

  2. wg seems to want to add a lot of unrealistic styles like wat blitz. well, wg making a pretty good realistical style(through a battle pass), so i’m okay sometimes(It also gives my wallet a break) just… wg, Please don’t get rid of the option of “display only historical style”

    1. Ye wot is so historical accurate.

      It’s an arcade game bro.
      And historical skins are lame.
      Giant MGs and shovels…eh.

      Color never harmed anyone
      Except colorblind perhaps lol

      Rest nags on something they can get for free or just ignore. Pfff funny.

  3. I know that this game is an arcade. I like this game because of rules that have clear role allocation. I also know that the historical style is not 100% realistic. If there’s just a feeling that looks plausible, I buy a style. For example, I bought all the Mirney styles.

    I just feel awkward to see other allies next to me on the battlefield using this kind of sf style or 2d style with tangerines on it. The style doesn’t have to be 100% realistic, but I also hate being too unrealistic. I’m in a middle ground. So wot is the only tank game that will satisfy me.

    In other words, I don’t have any complaints about wg creating this kind of styles. I hated it in the past, but now I think it’s artfully cool and 3d style are better than an op paid tank that ruins the game. I’m satisfied if you just keep the current personalized display options.

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