WoT Legend of the Hunter: 🇫🇷 AltProto AMX 30 Graphics

A few graphics from today’s update. Just like the last time, the Legend of the Hunter Challenge will consist of two chapters.

– Complete missions in each stage. Mastery Missions are only available for Tier X vehicles, while Missions for Commitment are for vehicles of any Tier. You will receive special rewards for completing each of the 10 stages, and at the end of all stages, a unique Premium Tier VIII vehicle – for free.

The Hunter’s Legend challenge ends in% (hours) s. After the event, the unique French Tier VIII Premium Medium Tank AltProto AMX 30 will be temporarily available in the Premium Shop with a personal discount.

After the end of the active phase, you will be able to buy a unique Tier VIII Premium tank at a personal discount for a certain period of time.

When you purchase the French AltProto AMX 30 Tier VIII Premium Medium Tank, you will also receive rewards for event stages that you haven’t completed yet.

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